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The ongoing domestic terror in the country is begging for urgent attention as son stabs 74-year-old father to death, removes heart for N30,000 writes Babatunde Bangbose, Lagos
Wonders shall not cease to exist as the world is said to be coming to an end by Christian and Muslim preachers.
The bad signs and unusual occurrences are among the strongest proof that most clergies use to back their point even as people doubt this revelation daily. But the unfolding wickedness is a testimony to their postulation.
While there is no love lost between and among friends, family and nations, the usual care and ties among one another has vanished, leaving the quest for money as the craze of the moment. As it were, no government, parent, family or friends care about one another any longer as one attempts to outsmart the other by turning success to a game of chance.
The memory of how Nelson Oamen murdered his father will continue to glitter as gold in Abesan Housing Estate in Ipaja area of Lagos State. It was like a dream on the fateful Friday afternoon as a great noise of sorrow filtered the town from the compound of Mr. Ehiremen Oamen whom the son stabbed several times before sending him to a sojourn of no return.
Ehiremen Oamen, 74 was said to have been unfortunate during an altercation with his own son. His endless prayer to have good children that would take care of him later spelt doom for him; notwithstanding the accumulated stress he got from efforts to better the lots of the same children, Oamen also got paralysed trying to better the lot of his children.
Nigerian Pilot Sunday gathered that Nelson, who reportedly fled his father’s apartment in Block 272, after the incident, removed the septuagenarian’s heart and left with it.
It was learnt that the Oamens, who hail from Edo State, had been living in the estate for over 15 years. He was said to be a retired worker in a company in Apapa and had a long time battle with stroke which made him remained indoors often.
Investigation by this paper however, revealed that the 34-year-old Nelson, who did not have a stable job, was reportedly a drug addict, and had had violent clashes with people in the area which were reported to the Police severally.
It was said that at about 2pm on that fateful Friday, Nelson had gone to his father’s apartment while an argument ensued between the duo. Nelson, who was suspected to be high on drugs, allegedly stabbed his father to death in his bedroom and covered his body with a blanket while he flee from home into hiding.
Nelson’s younger sister, who did not want her name in print, reportedly came into the house a few minutes later, and found traces of blood in the family’s sitting room. She was said to have discovered Ehiremen’s corpse on his bed after which she raised the alarm.
It was gathered that some neighbours who also rushed to the room to see Ehiremen, realised that there was a deep hole on the left side of his chest after he had been stabbed in several places.
It was said that Nelson allegedly escaped with his father’s heart, which the residents claimed was responsible for the bloodstains in the sitting room.
Meanwhile, another version of the report has it that Nelson had shown up to request for his own share of the N30,000 cash sent by one of his siblings abroad for the family upkeep. He was said to have complained several times that the father and other members of the family spent the money without giving him a penny.
It was learnt that his family denied him of such benefits having observed that he did not want to use his hand to work. He was said to be moving with the indolent touts in the estate since he refused to further education or learn a trade.
According to further checks by this paper at the Ipaja Police division, the case it was learnt has been reported and efforts had been on top gear to arrest Nelson. The Police posts in the area, including Mosalasi Gowon Estate, Federal Estate Police post had launched a manhunt for the suspect.
Nelson’s elder sister, who came from Abeokuta, Ogun State, and also did not want her name in print, said the family could not say what caused the argument between her father and Nelson. She confirmed that the older Ehiremen had been physically attacked by Nelson in the past to clear people’s doubt on the possibility.
She said, “For about five years now, dad had been nursing a stroke and he could not work again. So he used to stay at home. Nelson did not have a stable location. He just came to the area on Friday: I was told that he came in through the window before committing the act. It was his younger sister, who has a shop in the area, and came in a few minutes later to change her clothes, who first observed bloodstains in the sitting room.
“She then traced the bloodstains to daddy’s room and found out that he had been killed. We have not seen any sign of Nelson since then.”
Also, one of their neighbours known as Dare , who described the deceased as an easy-going man, said he had intervened in the argument between father and son severally, adding that he saw Nelson that afternoon some hours before news of Ehiremen’s death filtered in.
He said, “The man has eight children. Nelson is the fourth child. The young man does not have any stable job. He also smokes and drinks heavily. He does not live here, but only comes once in a while.
“On that Friday, I saw him in the afternoon. He was looking so unstable. He went into their house and it was a few minutes later that they found the father dead. He fled immediately. When I went in to see the corpse, I observed that the old man was stabbed in several places. No one could have been so wicked except one was on drugs.”
Apart from Nelson’s case, the residents of the estate complained bitterly on the attack from the youths of the area whom they said practice cultism as religion. It was said that the few ones that had gone to higher institutions had returned home to be initiating those at home even the apprentice and secondary schools boys were said to have been initiated into the cult.
They called on government and Police to come to their rescue, those arms and ammunitions used by these boys are sophisticated more than that of military personnel.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joe Offor, said the Police is on Nelson’s trail and would soon get him.

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