Blogging has long since become one of the most popular ways of self-expression and making money online. In fact, we at often get orders for blog posts – that’s how we know that blogging is still popular. It also proves that people are ready to invest into their blogs to be able to monetize them afterwards.

If you have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, you should consider a few things first. Here, we’d like to give you a few tips on how to start and maintain your blog.

Pick a topic

The best blogs are focused – travelling, cooking, politics. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to wander off once in a while, but it should be just like that – once in a while, not more. You need to build the following first, only after you have people reading your posts regularly will you be allowed to reveal other parts of your personality. Be prepared, however, that you readers might recommend you to stay in your lane and refrain from writing on any other topics besides the one you’ve already selected. At that, choose the thing you love to write about or the readers will understand you are faking it.

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Make a schedule

People of art seldom like schedules, but writing, especially writing a blog, is more of a science than art. Regular postings are guaranteed to bring better results than random articles – even if such random posts were more inspired. Once or twice a week is a good start if you are not ready to devote your entire life to blogging just yet. You will then be able to adjust the schedule according to your needs.

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Let your personality show

Blogs are a unique mixture of personal and informative writing. With humor and a personal touch, you will be able to achieve excellent results. In fact, your personality is in many cases what readers come for. The way you see things and write about them are often more important that the things themselves. A dry provision of facts is reserved for news platforms. Yours should be more entertaining and personal.

Decide how to deal with comments

There will definitely be people who will tell you to drink bleach. There will also be those who will say nastier things. If you are not prepared for this, you are not prepared to having a blog. Before you even start writing, accept that Internet is a dark place where negativity is often stronger than positivity.

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Promote your writing

There are few cases where blogs were discovered by the crowd through pure luck. In most cases, it’s a hard process that includes writing on social media and other platforms to promote your own. If you don’t do any distribution and see little traffic go to your blog, then it’s the lack of promotional activity that should be addressed, not your writing.

In short, writing a blog is as much work as it is fun – don’t forget it and don’t get desperate too soon. With systematic efforts, you will get there sooner or later.