Former deputy chairman, Gwer-East local government area of Benue state Hon. Terungwa Bigira has offered useful solutions to the government at all levels in Nigeria and other concern stakeholders in the agricultural sector on how to improve the standard of agriculture to boost the nation’s economy.
Hon. Bigira who owns a large farm in the state spoke exclusively to our correspondent in Abuja explained that the availability of accessible road and transport system is a necessity for agriculture to thrive in Nigeria, “many farmers get discouraged when they remember the stress that they will have to go through in bringing their farm produce to the end users and the price of the products are usually outrageous when they eventually hit the market.”
According to him “In as much as fertiliser is not the only way of nourishing our farm, the use of fertiliser in modern farming is still very much acceptable and should be made available and industries that produce this should be encouraged by all concerned to make the product available to farmers at subsidise rate,” he said.
The Benue State University graduate who is self-employed in the sector further explained that finance is the backbone of every worth venture which agriculture is one of them. “Adequate financing of agriculture in Nigeria will surely boost agriculture in Nigeria, one way that the government can do this is to imbibe the culture of good financial management and strategic assets allocation techniques into governance and ensure that funds are properly allocated and monitored for efficient utilisation when allocated,” he opined.
He advice the Buhari led federal government to banned the importation of certain farm produce from coming into the country so as to encourage the consumption of the locally manufactured farm produce and advocated the use of latest agricultural farm technologies and rural electrification for the preservation of farm produce in order to enhanced large production of the agricultural product.
The former deputy chairman maintained that pest control and other necessary chemicals used in agriculture should be produced or better still subsidised for the farmers, “I assure you that agriculture will become the toast of many.
“If government should spend one-tenth of what it spends on oil subsidy on agriculture, then farmers will be encouraged to do more than they are doing at the moment, farmers should be encouraged to take up agricultural insurance policies to help re-instate them in times of loss.
“Little is known about the existence of Nigerian Agriculture Insurance Corporation,NAIC a body that is overseeing the agriculture insurance in Nigeria” said Hon. Bigira.
According to him, “availability of functional irrigation system will ensure that farm produce are available from time to time, seasonal problems that characterised Nigeria’s food production will be effectively controlled if good irrigation scheme project is commissioned and executed in Nigeria.”
Agriculture in Nigeria was a major employment sector before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria. Until then, jobs were available for the poor citizens of Nigeria. Then, graduates were nurtured to think in the area of being self-employed rather than depend on the jobs that are not available. “The agricultural sector of Nigeria if revived will absorb more than half of the unemployed youths in this country”

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