If your daughter or ward is in the primary or secondary school, and you both sleep under the same roof every night, (I believe you check on her in the middle of the night to be sure she is in the room), this article may not be important to you. But if yours is in the boarding school or higher institution and you live miles apart, you may, after reading this piece, begin to worry where she is and what she does every night, especially Wednesday to Sunday nights. This is not crying wolf, but it could be that your daughter, yes your darling daughter, the one you so much trust, is involved with some night clubs where girls dance naked for a fee.
Oh yes, she might not just be a passive spectator, but an active performer in the frenetic show of shame ubiquitous in Nigeria. You could have read about it or you might have heard about it, and perhaps you didn’t give it much attention. You could have thought that after all, our eyes are filled everyday with pornography and near nude dressing on the streets. So, that some girls dance naked in some club houses might not be particularly shocking to you. But wait a minute, have you ever asked where the managers of the demonic club houses get their supply of girls from? Maybe you think it’s only women of easy virtue that engage in such debasing deals. You’ll be shocked by what you are about to read.
Recently, I got hints of the existence of nude club houses in various parts of Nigeria particularly Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano and decided to visit some of them to verify the weird claims. In Port Harcourt you find them around the GRA, and Aba road. In Lagos, they are in Ikeja-Allen Avenue, Opebi-, Victoria Island and Ikoyi. In Abuja one is called Xstacy located in Wuse 2 opposite Glomobile office. There is another in a garden along Abidjan Street, near Customs Headquarters on Wuse zone 3 called Jazz & Blues. Another one is tucked away inside a hotel behind NNPC filling station, back of Nyanya market in Nyanya Area A, an Abuja suburb. I am also informed by reliable sources that there is one inside Bayelsa state guest house, central area district as well as in Kabusa, Mabushi, Jabi, Lugbe, Kubwa and Mararaba, a densely populated ghetto near Abuja.
My investigations show that these ladies are recruited from secondary schools and tertiary institutions located several miles away from the centre of unity, as Abuja is called, to come and entertain men for a fee. At the Xstacy club, entrance into the small enclosure is free, every male guest is however expected to buy at least a bottle of drink, the cheapest of which is N15,000. At the other locations, you are required to buy entry ticket ranging from N1,500 upward and also buy drinks. A bottle of mineral is sold at N1000. All the locations are no-holds-barred situations for ladies. Also, in all the locations visited, there are two sections in each club. The first section is the common floor where everybody is permitted to dance unhindered with the accompaniment of music. Customers that stay in this section for long are those without enough funds to pay for the luxury available at the second section; but right there, some nude dancers also entertain guests wearing only panties and bras.
The second section, which is the VIP section, harbours a lot of ‘goodies’ for those that can afford it. It is therefore not surprising to find politicians, company executives, and the likes in the VIP section. The specialties in this section include naked dance (no panties, no bra), caressing, (actual) sex, lap dance, etc. In all the locations, all kinds of strong drinks and tobacco are sold. To further enhance the quick flow of hormones, blue films (sex films) are beamed via large screens to serve as appetizer to customers at the VIP section. My conclusion from this eye opening adventure is that the Abuja nude clubs and others in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Owerri and other cities, plus whore houses are direct links to the world of HIV/AIDS. This is because such enclaves are ready factories where the HIV is ‘manufactured’ and distributed freely. No wonder, the dreaded virus keeps increasing in Nigeria.
Our world has turned upside down. What used to be a taboo is now the order of the day. Obscene behaviours such as these, are signposts of moral decadence in the society and the failure of parents to monitor the activities of their wards. Also the inordinate crave for materialism; influence of western culture, and the present economic down-turn have contributed in turning the country to that of animals in human skin. But come to think of it, could it not be that some of these girls are pushed into these abominable acts because they have to survive? It might not sound reasonable to you, but it is a legitimate reason to them. Some are pressurized to do it by either their parents, peers, or hard conditions, while some just do it for fun. If parents could stand up to their responsibility by ensuring that where their wards are and what they do are legitimate, we would have fewer cases of such absurdities.
Any business based on the objectification of the human form demoralizes and removes all personhood from people. Objectification of bodies has led to a very unhealthy view of the human form, whether male or female, but in this country, selling bodies like candy makes women no more valuable than candy itself, and men develop the mentality that all female bodies are for entertainment and pleasure. This is a degrading notion. Girls are neither sex objects nor sex slaves. They are future mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and grandmothers. Don’t get me wrong; there are male strip clubs too. What happened to love? What has happened to the human race? It’s a disgrace. Number one reason, they are degrading to women. Women demand respect, but then there are a bunch of women who do trashy things, and then wonder why men treat them like crap. I think such sexual acts should be kept in the bedroom and private. Why should we be encouraging young women to engage in corruption? I have many strong reasons on why strip clubs should be banned. First, they objectify women just to make a living. Again, it lowers every woman’s self esteem making women think the only way they can get men to find them attractive is if they take off their clothes. I am a firm believer in the fact that if there were no such thing as legal work in the sex trade, it would cease to exist in the legitimate, economical scheme. Men who operate these heinous, seamy establishments are usually brutal and exploitative. Males who participate in the sex trade or finance women for demeaning and compromising their bodies and families as well as their reputations are worse than dogs. Strip clubs are degrading and disgusting and attract drugs, prostitution, and people who are criminally minded to exploit unaccompanied females. Women should not degrade their values because they have options of being employed without being a toy. My advice to parents: always be sure where your daughter sleeps at night and what she does in and out of school. Have a nice new week.

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