Manchester, United Kingdom,
is on a quest to become the first
human inflatable doll. 31-year-old
Cindy Moore has spent £10,000
(N4.6m) so far on hair extensions,
breast enlargement and lip fillers
in a bid to fulfill her wish. She
has even secured a car number
plate with the word “doll” and says
she is in love with her new “fake
look” because it makes her look
Cindy has seen her breast size
increase from size A to double
F. In an interview with The Sun,
she said men keep staring at her
because of her new look. She said:
“I try not to go out clubbing too
much because I get lots of stares
and wolf whistles. I think some of
it is because my breasts are so big.”
However, she said she is not
done yet with her dramatic
makeover. She plans on another
breast enlargement procedure,
a tummy tuck and more weight
Cindy said she started
experimenting with her looks
after meeting her ex-boyfriend,
who is the father of her two kids,
when she was 19.

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