Akorede Estate in Mile II area of Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State yesterday turned to a Mecca of sort, as people in their hundreds thronged the estate to catch a glimpse of yet another ritualists den the city.
When Nigerian Pilot visited the gory sight, many people were trooping in to confirm the news of the den which was discovered Sunday night.
Many fetish items, including assorted charms, students’ uniforms, identity cards and masquerade regalia were recovered from the stinking three bedroom apartment situated in the busy area, away from people’s eyes.
A detached two bedroom apartment beside the main building was were the suspect, a holder of many chieftaincy titles in Egbaland, Chief Olasile Ifayemi used for his fetish practices.
The most shocking aspect of the discovery was cooked human parts comprising a right palm, woman breast, intestines and others seen inside a plastic bucket in the house.
Nigerian Pilot also observed many fetish pots with some concoction placed beside the two room apartment with people’s names and pictures on top of each pot.
Our correspondent also gathered that the suspect parked into the community about two months ago and had been living with his two apprentices alone in the building surrounded by bush.
Angry youths who were at the scene vandalised the building, destroying windows, fans, fridges and other items within the house.
It was also narrated that the building was discovered when people were conducting a search over a missing young boy identified as Opeyemi Ogundele, who got missing in the early hours of Sunday.
Opeyemi’s mother, Elizabeth Ogundele told journalists that she was in the estate with her 20 months old son for her niece naming ceremony before Opeyemi got missing.
She further explained that it was at the point of conducting a search for the young boy that people were prevented from searching the house.
Elizabeth, 26, further explained that the two apprentices of Chief Ifayemi, who were now guests at the Eleweran police headquarters in Abeokuta, stripped themselves naked to prevent women from reaching the area.
She said, “We were here for my brother’s naming ceremony and the pastors were about to arrive when I discovered that the mother of the new baby has not prepared the new baby; I dropped my own baby with his elder brother and they were playing football together while I prepare the new baby for the ceremony.
“I searched everywhere and could not see him. When I got to the suspected building, I saw some guys and asked them if they saw my little child but they said no and started laughing; I never knew why and never suspected them.
“We couldn’t do the naming again because I was also rushed to the hospital and the baby is still missing.”
While contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Prince Muyiwa Adejobi confirmed that the police were on top of the situation.
Adejobi, an Assistance Superintendent of Police, said the suspect was still at large but that two suspects were assisting the police on its investigation of the matter.
He assured that the fleeing Egba chief would be apprehended sooner than later.
He said, “We got the information yesterday that a baby was missing; while they were conducting a search the man refused to allow them to search his house.
“After forcing the door open, woman hand and parts of the body were recovered in the house. The boy is still missing because parts of the body were not of a young person.

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