To curtail the high incidence of human trafficking in Cross River state, Girl’s Power Initiative, GPI, a non-governmental organisation has embarked on intensive awareness campaign is schools in the state.
The organisation last weekend organised training workshop for students from twenty selected secondary schools within Calabar and its environs.
The workshop organised in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, was to create awareness among young people who are said to be the most vulnerable group.
Mr. Emmanuel Stober, a staff of GPI said the awareness campaign was embarked on to educate young people on the dangers of trafficking and ways to avoid being trafficked.
He disclosed that human traffickers adopt various means to woo their victims, who do not know the risk involved in being trafficked.
According to him,’ they (trafficker) often come with sweet tales and attractive offers in a bid to convince their victims. They may promise good job opportunities or scholarships all in a desperate bid to cow the victims.’
Mr. Stober urged the students to always be alert and notify their parents, teachers and guardian of any such offers to avoid falling victim to the traffickers.
The Deputy co-ordination of GPI, Mrs. Ndodeye Bassey expressed concern over the activities of traffickers in the state.
Mrs. Ndodoye noted that most parents are ignorant of the dangers of allowing their wards to be trafficked.
“Most of our parents are ignorant and do not know the dangers of trafficking; some of them are poor and cannot cater for their children so they expose these children to all sought of risk including being trafficked.”
One major factor said to make Cross River a fertile ground for traffickers is its porous international borders as the state shares land and sea borders with Cameroun Republic. Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and other Central African countries could also easily be reached by sea from Cross River.

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