Recently, a man Mr. Emmanuel Osuya, asked an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, to dissolve his 32-year-old marriage over alleged battering by his wife. Osuya told the court that his wife, Abigeal Osuya, had turned him into a punching bag. Yes, you might say this is Laughable; but, it actually happened.
Before now, stories of husbands molesting their wives is what is common in the media, but today, the reverse is the case as husband beaters are now on the prowl. A good number of men today, are suffering the same fate in the hands of their wives, but prefer to suffer in silence because if they should speak out, the world will laugh at them.
Nature demands that the man should be the head of the home; and anytime we change this arrangement of nature, and create our own artificial model, the result in the long run, can be disastrous. In view of this therefore, are such husband beaters not heaping coals of curses on themselves and their children?
Again, the nagging wives are the other kind of female specie that makes life very difficult for their husbands; such women see nothing good in whatever their husbands do. Anything their husbands do is an opportunity for them to complain. They nag their husbands out of the matrimonial home into the waiting arms of a strange woman; and when the strange woman begins to take charge of the man, because of the peace of mind he receives from her, and the man now abandons his home, people that didn’t know how it all started, will now begin to call the man an irresponsible man that does not care for his family. However, in some cases, the hatred for the woman by the man, is transferred to the innocent children who may also later begin to see their father as a bad man; unknown to them that it was all started from the bad attitude of their mother.