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I didn’t find myself in music, I found music in me



Can we meet you?

I am a native of Edo State. My name is Paul Egbele, my stage name is Paulee the Wordsmith.

As far back as when I was a child I have always been passionate about music. Back in the early days of MTV, I would sit before the television and watch musical videos the whole day. I would listen to the radio like I was watching it.

Music has always had an affinity with me and I remember what someone said to me some time ago, he said the way for you to identify your passion is, to identify that thing you love doing so much that you are willing to do for free, I love music so much and I am willing to do it at no cost.

Having lived in Festac town all my life up till date; I am a Lagos boy, husband, father and musician.


How did you find yourself in music?

I didn’t find myself in music, I found music in me because I have always been a music freak, music lover, although I did not actually plan to do music but a friend of mine named Nnamdi Oduka stage name Stimulus who is a rapper would always discuss on the subject of music with me.

According to Stimulus he was of the opinion that with my knowledge of music, I would be good at writing, so he encouraged me to start writing music. He invited me to the studio to sing on one of his tracks and that was how it started professionally.

Stimulus and I have recorded a lot of music together; I featured him in some of the songs on my album and I must say that he is the catalyst behind my music career, which I have come to feel very comfortable with because music comes very natural to me.

The first time I recorded a song was in 2013 about 5 years ago and since then I’ve just been recording because at every stage as a musical artist you should always be recording, you should spend ample time in the studio, as a musical artist people have to know you, people have to know your content, over the years I have put up over 26 songs on YouTube and people have been listening to it and giving me positive feedback.


What is your genre of music? 

I will say I do primarily hip hop, but permit me to use the term; “with a Naija Twist” because we put a part of our culture into the music so it’s not exactly like American hip hop because hip hop is hip hop because American put their culture in their music.

So we tried to put our own culture in our hip hop, I try not to limit myself when it comes to the genre of music I make because I listen to all kinds of music, I listen to country music, I listen to hard rock a little, I listen to rap I love all kinds of music so I love to write the unusual, I take it as a challenge and I love doing that.

I major in rap music but like I said in one of my songs I did not choose the music, the music chose me, when I want to express myself this is how it comes out, it comes out as rap, if I could sing like Drake, I would have been singing.

Once I have an inspiration I have I to write in any genre, I take it as a challenge and I like to do things differently, because I do not like to limit myself to a particular genre so that whenever you hear Paulee the wordsmith you should expect to hear anything from me because my education in music is vast, so I can write all kinds of music.

Tell us about your album

The title of my album is SIRIUS and the concept behind this name was derived from the brightest star in the galaxy. The album was completed earlier in the year as it is officially my first studio album which is available for downloads. On the album we have 18 tracks with one introduction track, which is an intro to the artist then 17 songs that is 18 tracks in total.

Actually, it was produced by MLV (Melvin Abia) and I made the album in collaboration with another artist, my friend, his name is DVO (David Adih), who is a singer and the reason why I did the album with him is because we work on music together, since I write and I am a strong advocate of melody in music, DVO adds melody to our music. It is like a joint album, we are two solo artists who collaborated as a group and we are called SIRIUS because we are two shining stars that want to shine brightest in the music galaxy or any space we put out our music.

We are solo artists, we work together and we work with other artists. The album is just an expression of every part of me, my thoughts, my experiences and the way I see the world. That is basically what you should expect to get from the album.

Interestingly, this is my first album and this is DVO’s first album as well, we are a super group intent on getting our message out there, connect with people who love our music and can also relate to it.

What is the message from your music?

The kind of message our music carries is express yourself, that’s my number one message, how you see life, how you think , you may not be popular, you may not be correct but you are who you are and you are a product of your environment and experiences.

So when you express yourself boldly people will connect with you. Some persons may like it, others may not like it but that is how life goes generally, you can never satisfy everyone. The message is express yourself because I am expressing myself on every track in different ways and then when you think of our target audience we just say anyone who can relate. There are some tracks on the album that children can relate to and we have the ones for adults who are our major target audience, in all it is an album to listen to.

Other artists you aspire to work with

Like I said, where I am in music now is expressing myself and I have been opportuned to meet with a lot of great minds during my course of recording in and out of the studio.

I am a rap artist and I admire MI, Vector, Mode 9, Falz to mention a few.

I have listened to their music for years, I actually draw a lot of inspiration from their music and I believe that I will work with them at some point.


For anything to work in this world you need money and you cannot deny it.

The level of production and promotion of music is determined by the amount of money you have at your disposal with more money the challenges I face currently as an artist would definitely be less.

Also, some producers have distinguished themselves because they make quality music, to work with such producers will not be cheap, the likes of Don Jazzy comes to mind, let me add that it would be an honour to work with Don Jazzy and since that is yet to be achieved it can be termed a challenge.

At your spare time

I write music and spend quality time with my family.

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