prenantMarriage consists of
a man and a woman, that is,
the husband and wife. But
when a third party comes into
the marriage either invited or
not, there is bound to be a lot
of problems which opens the
home to intrusion from family
and friends.
Perhaps one of the challenges
in this stead best describes
the present predicament of a
successful businesswoman Mrs.
Rosi Jei ( not real name) who
deals in accessories and travels
wide, on a weekly basis.
Mrs. Jei is still at a loss over
what may have befallen her
marriage. She is particularly
perturbed because at the centre
of the controversy is her younger
sister. Her younger sister (Jane)
is currently pregnant for Mrs.
Jei’s husband.
Popularly called Mama Gold,
Mrs. Jei blames herself for her
ongoing predicament. Relating
her ordeal to Nigerian Pilot
Sunday, Mama Gold blamed
herself for giving room to the
devil that came through her
own sister to destroy her home.
“I am a mother of four, two
girls and two boys. It all started
in the year 2012 when my
husband went out of job and
couldn’t get another. So we
agreed on me doing business.
I sell accessories like gold
and was doing well until late
2013, when my husband was
reinstated in his former job but I
didn’t stop my business because
my business was successful. I
travel more to different places
like Cotonou, Ghana etc but
I have never spent more than
two to three days because of my
“Earlier in 2014, my husband
added more money to support
the business and I grew more
in Benin and Delta and other
places and decided to allow my
younger sister who was seeking
for admission but was yet to
be given her choice of study, to
come stay with us till she gets
it. I ensured all things were in
place before leaving for my
Suddenly, I started noticing
changes in my sisters body
which persisted and told my
mother who called her, so I
thought it was resolved but to
my surprise this year, 2015, my
parents called to inform me that
the pregnancy belongs to my
Shockingly, he accepted
responsibility, saying that he
does not regret what he did.
“Right now, my sister is in
our house and my husband has
concluded that if I would not
allow my sister to stay with us, I
should leave the house instead.
I take the blame but I would
like her to go to my parents as
family members had decided.
I am so confused right now
but after the birth of the child,
I will claim and cater for the
baby after she gives birth. But
if she refuses to give birth in
my parents’ house, I will have
to face it though, it won’t be
so easy to stay and share my
husband with my younger
sister, but it will give me room
to change and hope for the
better while I leave God to be
the judge over us all. If actually
it was the wrong thing to have
allowed my own sister into my
home until she gains admission
God will judge.
When Nigerian Pilot Sunday
sought the opinion of Nigerians
on the best way to proffer
solution to the issue,
Mrs. Blessing, a
businesswoman, said she
would not permit her sister to
remain in her home.
“Seriously speaking, the
man’s wife might not have
acted well but at the same time,
she didn’t do anything wrong
allowing her blood sister to care
for her children while she was
away because many people do
it on a daily basis.
“She should not live in the
same house with her sister
and husband, but the man can
rent another apartment for the
sister till she delivers even if he
wants to visit her everyday just
for peace to reign between the
Dibie Charles an apprentice,
encourages Mrs. Jei to leave the
house for them. “Let the legally
married wife leave the house for
her sister since she gave room
to it. But the man didn’t do well
for not calling the wife to order
when she was abandoning her
marital duties in the name of
business. He should not have
paid her back in such a way by
getting involved with her sister.
Also commenting, a Wema
Bank staff, Mr. Inojie Nicolas,
revealed that the couples were
not meant for each other. “Come
to think of it, he encouraged his
wife to do business to assist the
family and decided as a man
of the house for the sister-inlaw
to be with them and at the
same time, descended to the
level of hurting the wife whom
I am sure he never cautioned
but improved her business by
involving his finances. The
answer is so simple, they are
definitely not meant to be.
A cement distributor in Agege
area of Lagos State, Mr. Peter
Sunday, suggested that the man
keeps both woman despite been
sisters. “It wouldn’t be a crime if
the man stays with both women
even though they are sisters
because attempting abortion is
sinning against God so, to make
things right, let him manage
both until the younger one
delivers then, further decision
can be taken thereafter.
An undergraduate, Azuka
Okolo said, “Women are
aggressive and could be
worst when it has to do with
someone or something they
have sacrificed a lot to possess.
I suggest that the man sends
the sister-in-law away until
she delivers and stick to the
lawfully wedded wife who has
had children for him while they
both accept her sister’s baby
when it is born.
“Furthermore, Pastor David,
of one of the Pentecostal
Churches, suggests that the
man undergoes a serious
deliverance, “That man is sick
and should be taken in for
deliverance for ever saying that
the wife would leave the home
if she refuses her younger sister
to share same roof with them.
Any man ought to see the
sister-in-law as a sister too and
not some kind of companion,
whether the wife is on a
business trip or not. There is
absolutely no excuse for such
Pastor David concluded
angrily that the sister-in-law
should go to her parents till she delivers and leave what has
been joined together because
no one ever asked for her help.
He also suggested that she
faces her own life thereafter,
but the wife should have faced
the affairs of her home instead
of chasing worldly possessions
in the name of caring for need
of the home when it is the
man’s responsibility. For this,
I say both have failed and
should tackle it because it is
obvious that the man did it
But according to one Mr.
Larry, he said, “The man has
done it so, he should keep both
women. The heart of a man
needs happiness to live longer
and since he has found joy in
the sister-in-law. I advice Mrs.
Jei to quit for the younger sister
to continue with the husband
and marriage proper while she
face the business.
“Yes I said that for it to
serve as a big lesson to every
woman. He is not wrong for
finding a wife and mother for
his children in his sister-inlaw
since the wife was never
around. But if both sisters stay
with the man, I pray he won’t
get tired of constant quarrels
and shouting except he gives
both different apartments.
No matter people’s stand,
counsel and rebuke or
condemnation on the issue
or the persons involved, Mrs.
Jei is still devastated because
her opinion isn’t relevant as
her husband has remained
adamant over his decision to
live with her younger sister

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