Contrary to insinuations by members of the Public, Minister of Sports and Chairman National Sports Commission, NSC Dr. Tammy Danagogo has stated that he never abandoned his official duties to face only politicking in his home state Rivers.
Dr. Danagogo was reported to have stayed off his office located inside Abuja National Stadium since campaign towards March 28 and April 11 elections entered full swing.
But the former Commissioner in River State who laughed off such insinuation while speaking to Nigerian Pilot Sports, ask rhetorically “Is it not funny, if I abandoned my official duties, will I be here? When People say certain things, I wonder why. There is no doubt and I can’t divorce politics because of my work. I do my work, I go in and out.
“I’m a politician and a technocrat. There is no way I will completely run away from what is happening in my state. Also, as a Minister of Sports, there is no way I will run away from what is happening in the Ministry of Sports. And so, there is no way I will leave one for the other.
“I have not and I cannot abandon my responsibilities. I occasionally dash into my state to see what is happening over there. Everybody even you Journalists do visit your place to collect your PVC.
“Do you expect me to stay here in Abuja and not go to collect my PVC? When INEC call Stakeholders meeting, do you expect me not to go? And if I don’t go, how do I go and vote for my Candidate?
Reviewing Nigeria’s performance in 2014, the Sports Minister made it clear, “2014 was a very successful year. The media sometimes becloud successes with every little error. We made a lot of successes last year but funny enough, slip on the path of male football tends to becloud several other achievements but that shouldn’t be.
“We did better than we have done before in virtually every competition we took part in. My prayer for this year is that we should be able to replicate the achievements we recorded in 2014, this year”

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