Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong popularly known as Becca has been touring radio stations in Accra, Ghana’s capital, promoting her newly released “Wh3″ song.
The singer, however, used the opportunity to let out some information, especially on the rumour that she was dating her former manager, Kiki Banson.
“The point of the matter is that if I work with you for a couple of years and we are that close, people will assume that there is something going on. Kiki and I were very close as friends and family. We knew each other’s family. We were very close but we had a very professional relationship as well.
“I wanted to learn and I learnt so much from Kiki and for now if I am able to stand on my own and do things by myself I congratulate myself. It is good to sometimes keep quiet, pay attention and learn because I couldn’t have done it if I left Kiki two years ago or let me say a year ago.”
Becca added that “not that if I want to do something with him in future I can’t do it. We still talk and we are cool so if in future I have to do something with Kiki I will.”
When movie producer, Socrate Safo, asked the singer if she ever slept with her former manager during their eight year working period, Becca said ‘no’.
Banson was the brain behind the ‘Girl Talk’ concert which had Becca as the headline act last year.

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