NIGERIA veteran actor,
Chiwetalu Agu, has revealed that
he did not have time for women as
a youth because of poverty.
The actor in an interview with
BROADWAY TV said he was busy
trying to make money and as a
result, had no time for women.
“I grew from below the scratch;
poverty was part of me when I
was small and if you grew through
poverty, you won’t have interest
for the flashy things of life.
“You can only look the way of a
woman and talk to a woman when
there is something in your pocket
but the pocket was always dry that
you trekked whenever you wanted
to go.
“What time would you have to
look at a woman?”
He, however, said he got married as soon as he was financially stable
and brags about his five children
doing well in their academic
He advised his colleagues in
Nollywood not to go into politics
as it is not only a dirty business
but a stinky one.

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