the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission, EFCC,
Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, has
vowed not to relent in the fight
against corruption despite
strong opposition by corrupt
Magu stated this at a
stakeholders meeting with
Association of Democratic
Lawyers led by Femi Falana
SAN, stating that it would be
a great honour for him to die
while fighting corrupt people
in the country.
“What happened recently,
when about 33 Senior
Advocates of Nigeria,SAN,
stormed a Lagos High Court
in defence of Rickey Tarfa,
SAN, was an indication that
corruption is fighting back,”
he said warning that nothing
will prevent the EFCC from
carrying out its statutory duties.
He accused some senior
lawyers for constituting
themselves into a block to
fight the Commission because
they are beneficiaries of stolen
money, stressing that some
senior lawyers rather than help
the Commission to recover
looted money are thwarting
the efforts of government in
that direction.
He urged senior lawyers
to imitate late Chief Gani
Fawehinmi (SAN) and allow
the ethics of their profession,
the interest of Nigeria and
their good conscience guide
“When they accept briefs
and are called upon to use
their skills to pervert the cause
of justice as many of them do
today”, he said they work for
the corrupt personnel.
He admitted that the war
against corruption cannot be
fought/won alone by EFCC
without the courts, where
lawyers and judges make up
that indispensable branch of
democratic governance.
He assured the lawyers
that EFCC will continue to
operate under the ambit of
the law saying “no agency of
government respects the Rule
of Law better than the EFCC.”
The leader of the group, Mr.
Femi Falana, while speaking
at the event, said majority of
Nigerian lawyers are people of
integrity and willing to work
with EFCC in its fight against
corrupt individuals.
He urged the EFCC boss not
to make general statement
that all Nigerian lawyers
are corrupt, adding that the
Commission cannot survive
in its duty without inputs
of lawyers and assured the
EFCC boss that majority of the
Nigerian lawyers are solidly
behind the Commission
should anybody/group decide
to harass or intimidate the

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