As Nigerians, we are very good at blowing our trumpets to high heavens, because we know that if we don’t, nobody will blow it for us. In recent time, we have heard of ‘trekkings’ in solidarity to the success of Buhari at the polls and we have heard of trekkings in solidarity with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s, GEJ’s, statesmanship, as someone has decided to trek from Abuja to Otuoke, in Bayelsa State in honour of GEJ’s success as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All these, are okay, they are good; there are no qualms about them. But as all these play out, how does the common man benefit from this rat race? Where is the place of the wheel barrow pushers, the street sweepers, the gutter diggers, the office cleaners and the down trodden in our society that live in ramshackle buildings, in slums all over Nigeria? These set of people are the ones that make life good for those of us in white collar Jobs, yet, they are paid peanuts and if they dare touch N100, or anything of such low value in their places of work, they are tagged thieves and summarily dismissed, while those that work in air conditioned offices and have official chauffer driven cars, steal billions and trillions of Naira, and the society celebrates them. The fund that is used to celebrate these trekkers could have as well been used to put smiles on the faces of a good number of the browbeaten in our midst. In my own opinion, we are misplacing our priorities.
As all these fanfare trekkings are going on, our Chibok girls are living in hostage, they are at the mercies of Boko Haram criminals, these hoodlums, though have been significantly curtailed by the Nigerian Army, they are still committing heinous crimes, as pockets of them still exist here and there.
While these trekkings are going on, and the trekkers are basking in the euphoria of the attention and popularity they are getting, long queues in our fuel stations continues without easing, fuel has become a scarce commodity in a country where oil is the mainstay of the economy. What is going on in this country? Can somebody talk to me please? Do we still have some kind hearted people in this country? It is my believe that we sure have intelligent, and well educated people with foresight; as a matter of fact, we have a very long list of those that have aptly demonstrated their expertise and dexterity in fixing the economy, and a long list also of those that are not known at all, but equally have the wherewithal in terms of expertise to straighten the crooked paths of our economy.
I am not against the solidarity with Buhari, or Jonathan, I am not against people celebrating Buhari’s victory at the polls or people celebrating the successes of GEJ, no! But I am strongly against some persons trying to make us believe that the messiah has come; because, the same people that are shouting Hossana! Hossana!! Today, will tomorrow shout Crucify him! Crucify him! And when that time comes, I will sure be one of those that will be at the forefront of defending Buhari. Some of these sycophants will sure lick their vomits (which is not a natural thing to do) someday.
Can someone stop these sycophants that are trekking from wherever to only God knows where, in the name of getting cheap popularity, that it is time to stop this madness? We should allow the president elect to focus his energies on the crux of the issues that are facing the Nigerian economy, as all these trekkings has no bearing to the issues at hand.
General Muhammadu Buhari himself has said that Nigerians are expecting too much from him, I wish he can meet the expectations of Nigerians and straighten out all the crooked paths. I wish, like he promised he would, (during his electioneering campaigns) tackle the corruption problems that we are facing in this country, pay unemployment bonuses to unemployed Nigerians, create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths, strengthen the value of the naira to make it be at par with the dollar, blah, blah, blah…this will be lovely, as everybody will sure benefit from the aftermath, but, all the same, let us fold our hands and hope and pray that all will be well.
If General Muhammadu Buhari is able to deliver on his campaign promises, and if the salaries of our legislators are downwardly reviewed so that the money so realised from the slash in their salaries is used to develop our infrastructure, I will trek from Abuja to Maiduguri. I chose Maiduguri as my destination, simply because, I will pass through Biu, in Borno State, and have the opportunity to visit Waka-Biu College of Education where I did my primary assignment during my Youth Service year, and there, I will have a firsthand assessment of the havoc that Boko Haram insurgents have wreaked on the place that was once a beautiful serene full of tranquility.
I strongly pray that General Muhammadu Buhari will be able to put smiles on the faces of the over 80% poor masses, I will trek, and trek, and trek…Hmmmmmm this time, not the endurance trek, but the trek of joy. In God I trust to do that trek.

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