The September 10, 2016 date for the Edo state governorship election is drawing near, and the candidates of the two major political parties, namely the PDP and the APC have began campaigning across some communities in the state and raising so many issues.
The main issues the candidates have been looking at are accountability as an APC government come November 12 2016 with Mr Godwin Obaseki at the helm will create 200, 000 jobs in Edo state within four years of its tenure. Mr Obaseki speaking at the flag off of the APC Governorship primaries recently said the jobs will be created through massive investment in Entrepreneurship development schemes.
Reading from a prepared speech, unlike his opponent Pastor Osagie, who speaks ex temporary, the businessman turned politician commended outgoing governor Oshiomhole for his development strides promising to sustain the legacies.
He said, “The totality of transformation we have witnessed in the last seven and spans all facets of development today, we have witnessed a solid foundation policies, transformation of our infrastructures but most importantly we have witnessed the most inclusive of development for Edo state; these frameworks that can receive sustainable progress and continued development of our dear state, all of these proceed from the visionary leaders of Oshiomhole”
He pledged that his government when elected would focus on agriculture as hub of the state for industrialization, ensure technical and vocational skills development and women empowerment as well as creation of an enabling environment for peace and harmonious living amongst all segments of people in the state.
Obaseki, threw some mud last week when he asked the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, to tell the people of the state the source of his wealth.
He said “I will tell Edo people mine and let him tells us because sometimes we look at those who said they want to be governor, ask them where they have worked before. Somebody who has never created any job, only made money from politics, ask him which company he has ever worked before and I will tell you where I have worked”.
“The truth is that you cannot have anything to offer the people when you have not had the experience of managing people and resources as it is done in the private sector. Let us not elect thieves into government because these are people who believes that politics is about them and their families and not about the general public”, Obaseki stated.
Obaseki who was addressing a gathering of artisans in Benin City stated that he was almost discouraged from joining politics due to what he described as the attitude of some bad leaders.
“I said no because the foundation governor Oshiomhole has laid cannot be allowed to be destroyed. Despite all the evil people did to stop Comrade God said no and look at what we have achieved today. I have been here during the laying of this foundation and Oshiomhole has proved that politics is not all about stealing”.
He added that, “Our location in Edo is very key and we only need a good leader to galvanize the resources we have and create wealth for the people. I see Edo state as a nation and not a state because when you look at the money Edo people abroad send back home through Western Union, is more than the annual budget of some states”.
“We will continue to build infrastructure, invest in agriculture and power. And we must make agriculture look like a business by providing modern equipment for our people. Our women must be empowered to carter for their children and our youths. Above all, we will make Edo internet capital of the nation” he stated.
On his part, PDP governorship candidate in the state Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has said that whereas it is true that in Nigeria, politics is seen to be very dirty, “It is so because we have allowed the wrong people to be in it. When you have bad people in politics, the system will be bad. So basically, because good and decent people do not participate in politics, that is why we are facing what we are facing”.
He said, “But I tell people that today, I see politics as a mission field, a place that is in darkness, a place that God is not known. And God is sending people there to go and make a difference. I tell people that I was in government for eight years and I can afford to play opposition politics”.
Ize-Iyamy said, “Today, I am not afraid of being arrested by the EFCC because through-out my time in government, I was conscious of the fact that I am a Christian and I cannot let God down. So no matter what you say, you cannot say oh look at what Ize-Iyamu did. The best you can say is that he was in government, yes I was in government”.
Speaking at a rally in Edo North he said Edo as a state and a people, has not fared well under Governor Adams Oshiomhole despite receiving well over N1.4trillion as statutory allocations from the Federation account in seven and a half years.
He was assessing the state on a visit to the Otaru of Auchi’s palace he said‎ the funds that has accrued to Edo were more than enough for a good government to lay a solid foundation for the economic development of the state.
He said, “As at today if you look at Edo state, we have not fared well. We have a teeming population of youths; what has been done by the government to get them fully engaged? Instead what we see are few roads being rehabilitated along with renovation of schools: no new schools and no new roads”.
Ize-Iyamu said he was at the Otaru’s Palace to ask for his royal blessings and to also let him know that beyond partnering the World Bank to complete the Auchi Erosion Control project, if elected, his government will facilitate an improvement in the outlook of Auchi town and many other cities across the state.
Presenting the monarch with copies of his Simple Agenda, which her labeled his covenant with Edo people Ize-Iyamu argued that, “Edo north is a solid mineral base and the government ought to have made the area the hub of the solid mineral industry in the country” adding, “I have a deep insight into how government should be run”.
‎The politician promised to run an all-inclusive government that will bring on board, men and women to play active roles irrespective of their faith, lamenting that under Oshiomhole Muslims have been sidelined in terms of appointments.
“We are promising a government that will ensure fairness in appointments ‎in terms of 18 local governments, religion…we will give everybody a sense of belonging”.
Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has also told Edo people that the reactivation and repositioning College of Physical Education, Afuze‎ also known as Afuze Sports Centre, will be his top priority, if elected. Speaking during flag stops at Otuo, Afuze and ihievbe in Owan East local government area in continuation of his campaign tour of Edo North, he said it is shameful that the Afuze facility which helped put Edo on the Sporting map of the world has been neglected by the APC government of Mr Adams Oshiomhole.
He said, as part of his Simple Agenda if elected into office, a PDP government will in addition to giving out bursaries and scholarships to indigent students and creating jobs for the teeming population of Owan youths and other Edo youths, restore the lost glory of the Afuze sports centre.
“Enough is enough. Oshiomhole has treated Owan people as if they don’t exist. The support you gave him has he given you anything in return? This time around if they offer you money to vote for APC take it and vote against them”.

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