Whilst IPOB leader, Nnamdi
Kanu was in court with his
supporters, thousands of students
from the South-East part of the
country, under the auspices
of Ohaneze Ndi’gbo Students
Forum, yesterday besieged the
streets of Abuja pledging their
unalloyed loyalty to the unity and
oneness of the Nigerian state.
The students, who trooped into
the FCT en mass from the various
higher institutions in the country,
after they had embarked on an
intellectual debate at Awka to
endorse the leadership style of
President Muhammadu Buhari,
specially saluted the president
for the ongoing efforts of his
administration in the South-East
to rapidly develop the region
whilst security is at best to aid the
economic life of the people.
The students charged the
president never to hesitate
drafting the military to support
the police in carrying out civic
responsibilities in the interest of
the citizens of the region who they
said were business men carrying
huge sums of money on a daily
Addressing the rally at the Unity
Fountain in Abuja, president
of Ohaneze Ndi’gbo Students
Forum, Comrade Osisioma
Osikenyi Igwe said Ndi’gbo made
grave mistakes in the past, but
were not prepared to repeat same
He said Igbo students and
youths had come to the inevitable
conclusion to embrace change
Igwe urged Southeasterners,
particularly MASSOB and IPOB
who are incensed about a Biafran
republic to extinguish the idea,
urging them to now devote their
energies in working assiduously
to support the APC-led
government of President Buhari
to place the region on pedestal to
fully consummate the niceties of
politics and governance at God’s
appointed time.
He said, “We have chosen to
become part of the change agents
by impressing on our people to
sight the bright future Nigeria
offers every ethnic nationality,
most especially Igbo nation under
the God-fearing and de-tribalised
leader, President Buhari. We must
bury our mundane thoughts that
have tethered us to retrogressive
sentiments for ages.”
The students apologised to
President Buhari, the national
leadership of the APC and all
stakeholders of the party for the
embarrassment caused them by

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the threats of MASSOB and IPOB
to disrupt the pro-Buhari rally in
He said the students were
confident that such misguided
thoughts and utterances would
never be heard from the Southeast
Igwe said people of Igbo
extraction often lament
marginalisation and injustice, but
hardly spare time to reflect and
arrive at genuine, cogent measures
to extricate themselves from these
“We are strangely happy in the
euphoria of being blinded by our
foibles. When we contemplate
any remedy, it is usually halfbaked
and poorly articulated,
manifest in the frequent retreat
into our cocoons, with loud
gospels of separatism. These
wrong approaches have failed to
give us solace, heal our wounds
and cement ties with our Nigerian
brothers to work for the prosperity
of Nigeria.
“In the years past, we have
been misled and enslaved by
our people, who exploited our
innocence and complacence to
market several unfounded and
unprofitable sentiments, which
poisoned our minds towards
our beloved country, Nigeria.
Sadly, no one can point to a single

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reward we’ve got from these
wild adventures from our
years of silence; our months
of endurance and decades of
“Over time too, we have
silently watched elders of our
land; our leaders indulge in
excesses that have led us to
wrong steps and decisions,
which have disappointingly
and continuously nurtured the
passion of hate against us, as
a race in Nigeria. It has rather
expanded the frontiers of
enmity between us and other
ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.
We cannot continue in this
manner and we have taken up
the challenge to also lead the
path for our elders to follow,
because the future belongs to
the youths,” he said.
He said further: “We want
our Southeastern brothers
and sisters to understand in
unmistaken terms that Nigeria
holds a lot of promise for Igbo
nation than the delusion of a
non-existent Biafran state. And
luckily, the hour this realisation
has dawned on us has come at
a time Nigeria is blessed with a
good leader, President Buhari.
His actions and utterances
demonstrate a passion of love
for every Nigerian, regardless
of tribe, religion or political
affiliation. The Igbos of
Nigeria have no better time
to have a resounding deal in
Nigeria, outside of the Buhari
He said under President
Buhari, Igbo students had
seen and felt the impact of
governance on security, roads
construction/rehabilitation and
so on.
“We now sleep with our two
eyes closed and our parents now
do business without the fear
of dupes or molestation from
criminal gangs. We therefore
seize this rare opportunity to
reiterate our pledge of loyalty to
Mr. President and all constituted
authorities in the country. We
profoundly salute the security
architecture of Nigeria for
doing a good job of ridding the
Southeast of criminal elements
which suffocated people of the
region,” he concluded.

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