Former Minister of Information, Chief Nnia Nwodo has said that Ndigbo have a lot of investments in Nigeria to ask for a sovereign state of Biafra, as being canvassed by some people and groups.
Nwodo, who made his views known yesterday at a town hall meeting in Enugu organised by the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, for the South-East Zone, said that what the people needed was a Nigeria where there would be unity and even distribution of amenities.
He posited that Ndigbo had made a lot of investments at various parts of Nigeria to want to abandon them to opt for Biafra, pointing out that if Ndigbo were adequately accommodated as stakeholders, they would be contented.
“What we need is unity in Nigeria – Nigeria where everybody will be accommodated and seen as one,” he said.
The former minister pointed out that Nigeria’s economic woes at present could be tackled through agriculture, if only good programmes were mapped out to diversify the economy.
Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige who accompanied the Information Minister, said that Nigeria was in a mess today because of misplaced priorities.
Ngige said that if people should go back to the farm and learn trade, the economy would improve and unemployment would be a thing of the past.
He expressed the opinion that President Buhari was the most understood man because he was speaking the truth, pointing out that there was no way white collar jobs could be provided in the country now.
“This government you are seeing today, we are managing poverty. There is no way we shall give you white collar jobs but blue collar jobs,” Ngige said and called on governors to integrate their people so that they would go back to the farm.
“We should go back to the farm. Let us look inwards,” he said.
Ngige equally approached the cry of marginalisation of Ndigbo in terms of political appointments, which he said was done at the whims and caprices of the president who had the privilege of choosing his kitchen cabinet from trusted allies.
On his own contribution, the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe said that the issue of herdsmen would soon be solved as ranches would be built to dissuade moving cows about for grazing.
“We are working on confining all cows in ranches. A time shall come when no cow will be moving about. That will come to an end,” he said, pointing out that no one was licenced to carry AK47 guns about in the name of grazing.
Ogbe said that government had come up with a scientific farming method that would ensure increased farming yield, and that Nigerian lands were good for farming but that people use wrong fertilisers that affect farms and products from producing optimally.
“We have a soil map in Nigeria. The book tells you on what fertiliser to use. Our land is not bad. There is a scientific farming way in the world today that could improve bumper yield of agricultural products. In two years Nigeria will have food sufficiency,” Ogbe stated.
The town hall meeting attracted many personalities in Igboland such as National Assembly members, governor of Enugu State, former ministers and traditional rulers, as well as religious leaders.

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