Watford striker Odion Ighalo has said he may no longer be putting away the goals regularly because he is now better known in the EPL and so a closer attention on him and his strike partner Troy Deeney.
He has scored 16 goals in the EPL but his last goal in the league was in January.
“In the first half of the season teams knew me and Troy (Deeney, his strike partner and Watford’s captain), but they did not really pay us attention,” Ighalo said in an interview.
“I maybe took a lot of people in the Premier League unaware.
“Now they are paying us attention. With two strikers like me and Troy up-front teams are now playing three back against us. They have changed the way they play so obviously that’s going to lead to fewer opportunities for us.
“There are games now when defenders are just on me for the whole game and that wasn’t happening in the first half of the season because they didn’t know me that well.”
He added: “So it’s tougher. I took my chances before. Like I say, people maybe didn’t know me too much and I took the Premier League unaware. This second half of the season I have been a bit unlucky but there are also more defenders on me. I don’t maybe get the ball the way I did before and they are basing their strategies on stopping me. Defenders are closer to me and Troy, definitely.
“But that just gives me strength to work harder and make sure I find a way. It’s what happens in football, it’s the challenge. As long as the team does well I am happy, but I am also a striker and I want to score goals.”

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