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I’ll protect separation of powers – Atiku



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Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar on Monday promised to respect the constitution and separation of powers if elected president.

Speaking at the PDP presidential rally in Port Harcourt, he vowed that he will not allow anyone to trample on the rule or law or abuse the rights of the citizens.

In a veiled reference to the invasion of National Assembly and the homes of judicial officers by security operatives, Atiku said such invasions will not happen on his watch.

“I want to sure you, that I will protect the constitution. No goes to the court to protect Nigeria constitution more than me. I go to court to protect our constitution. I will protect separation of powers.

“I will not interfere with National Assembly, because I believe in checks and balances. I will not interfere with the the judiciary, because it is part of our checks and balances. I will uphold the rule of law, I will not allow anyone to trample on the rule of law.”

Atiku also accued President Buhari for preaching violence during his campaign rally in Zamfara state.

“You know what the President said in Zamfara? He said Zamfara people, let us pray for rain fall, let us pray we grow food, let us pray we eat well and then we can make trouble. Is that what a President should say?

“Buhari am addressing you, this is a President who is preaching violence and this is not the first time he is doing this in this country. We are not going to allow anybody to make us fight.

We want peace, we want development, we want prosperity, we want jobs. That is what we want for this country. We are not ready to fight each other again. So any leader who has come to instigate us to fight each other, we will use the ballot paper to chase them out. So Buhari must go.”

He promised the people of the state that he will complete all projects abandoned by the APC administration in the Niger Delta.

“It is the Obasanjo/Atiku administration that started the East West high way, up till know it is not finished. It is not finished because we did not vote for PDP to continue, APC can and halted it. If you vote for PDP again we are going to finish it.

“You see your port that does not work, does not create job. We will complete them so that we can create thousands of jobs for young men and women in the country.

“You have seen that APC has not done anything for you, they have not done anything for Niger Delta, they have not done anything from South South. Every development that you have got in South South, Niger Delta or River state is PDP. You road PDP, hospital PDP, water PDP. Please continue voting for PDP.”

Also speaking, former President Goodluck said he warned Nigerians in 2015 that Nigeria will move several steps backwards if APC is voted into office.

“All of us know that from May 29, 2015 till date, the number of things that have never happened in this country have been happening. And in 2015, I did mention that the choice before Nigerians was either to move forward or backward. And within these past years, you can attest for yourself, are we going forward, backward or static?

“All the indices of development be it unemployment, poverty, health status, happiness; everything that is mentioned none of them that we have made any progress. And I believe that you all know that we cannot as a nation continue to stay where we are.


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