Former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Bamanga Tukur yesterday said the defeat of the PDP at last general election would not send him to retirement from active politics.
Reacting to a publication in one of the national dailies captioned ‘Politicians Jonathan Retired’ and sub-titled ‘PDP Leaders Whose Lights Fade with President’s Defeat,’ in which his name and picture appeared, Tukur said he would die in active politics.
Tukur emphasised that he was in politics to serve the nation and give his best to the nation, and does not see any reason for retirement when the nation is in dire need of the experience and wisdom of veteran politicians and elder statesman of his like.
The elder statesman remarked that “politics is a game in which individuals choose on their own to participate and be involved, and so the issue of retirement does not arise.”
He said that he would remain in politics in order to continue to advise young politicians on the need to institutionalise party discipline, supremacy and internal democracy in politics.
Dr. Tukur emphasised that so long as things had not been put in its rightful place and perspective, elder statesmen like him would remain in politics to bring sanity and show the way forward to the nation’s young politicians.
The elder statesman advised young politicians to always seek and cooperate with elder statesmen in terms of advice and performance in the overall interest of the corporate existence of Nigeria.

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