A 55-year-old businessman, Mr
Ademola Kolawole on Friday
secured dissolution of his 16-yearold
marriage, following granting
of his petition by an Igando
Customary Court in Lagos.
The court president, Mr
Adegboyega Omilola held
that Ademola was adamant in
spite of efforts of the court and
family members to save his
marriage to Kudirat, aged 39.
He said, “Since the petitioner
insisted on the divorce, the court
has no choice than to dissolve
the union in spite of the wife’s
claim that she still loves him.
“Both parties henceforth cease to
be husband and wife. Both are free
to go their separate ways without
any hindrance and molestation.”
Ademola had sought divorce
over alleged infidelity
on the part of Kudirat.
He claimed that Kudirat was
dating a road transport worker.
“Most times, she sleeps in her
lover’s house, abandoning
the children and me. Her
lover sent her to Mecca in
2014 without my consent.
“Because of her adulterous
nature, I stopped making love to
her since 2014. My wife’s lovers
used to attack me with dangerous
weapons in public; I am afraid
they may kill me one day.”
Ademola added that his wife
converted to another religion
without his consent and changed
her complexion by bleaching.
He told the court that he
no longer loved Kudirat.
In her response, Kudirat,
however, denied the allegation
of infidelity, saying that she
had been faithful to Ademola.
“I am not having an affair
with any man neither did I
sleep in any man’s house,”
the mother of four said.
She submitted that she changed
her religion because she was
born into the religion she
changed to, adding that she
was not bleaching her skin but
maintaining her complexion.

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