Abuja wave-making
artiste, author of the famous
‘Kalakuta’ single, Numero has
said he is yet to find the woman
of his dreams.
The artiste in a chat in Abuja
said, “I crave to love and be
loved. I am single. I have tried
to get in a relationship but they
are not willing to give me their
heart. This is good though, I
am having fun like this and
sometimes relationships can be
The artiste said being single
does not mean he is avoiding to
get into a relationship. “I have
been in a couple of relationships
in the past but when I came
into spot light, I lost them. I
have over 6,000 followers on
my instagram page, over 5,000
are ladies. Whenever I make
a move, they classify me as a
player due to the ladies flocking
around me on the internet. I
love the irony, what they see is
not what it is but I crave to love
and be loved.”
According to him, delving
into music was the best thing
that ever happened to him
even though his parents did not
receive it with an open hand.
“No matter how I see music, it
is still the best thing that ever
happened to me. It has made
me a better person. I study
many artistes online and I have
respect for everybody who
is talented regardless of how
young or old because I believe
talent is a gift from God that
is unique and has made every
individual different.
“Initially my mum had a bad
perception about musicians, but
my dad embraced it right from
the onset. When he realised I
was going professional, he was
excited about it and has always
provided me with all the
encouragement and support
I ever needed. I believe in my
talent, I will continue singing
and shouting until someone
who knows music gets to hear
it and says let us get him up
I will definitely bring in that
good music that I had before I
still have it, I will dust it and
bring it up. Terry G has such too,
he sings good RnB but he has to
do songs to get somewhere.”
Numero released his first
official single in 2008, produced
by Gospel On De Beatz, and it
made a lot of waves and led
Cool FM’s Top 10 just like ‘Kiler
Killer’ which also topped the
chart for seven weeks.
Other singles includes
‘Shongolo,’ ‘Motor car’,
‘Banana,’ ‘Sweet Sixteen’,
‘Kalakuta’ and ‘Bugatti’. His
single ‘Sweet Sixteen’ made
number seven on the top-ten
His influences include
American Rhythm and Blues,
P. Diddy, followed by Jaheim,
Carl Thomas, Billy Ocean and
from Nigeria it is Tu face and

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