Another Easter period is here. Today, Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ sacrificed His life by shedding His blood on the cross for the salvation of mankind. Prior to this week, Christians have been observing the 40 days of fasting, leading to the Holy Week which began on Monday.
The fasting and holy week open up an avenue for the Christian faithful to rededicate themselves to the cause of God. This no doubt entails an unalloyed service and devotion which remains a crucial ingredient of the religion.
People often take advantage of the holy week to come closer to their creator, as they spend much of the day and night hours in exhortation, seeking the face of God.
It is therefore mandatory during this holy week for believers to abstain from adultery, fornication, criminality and all worldly pleasures.
Indeed, the season is not complete unless it is complemented with the act of giving, particularly feeding the poor and the less privileged in the society. Therefore, the lessons of Easter, especially Good Friday transcends mere act of abstinence from eating red meat (as the Catholic faithful do). In other words, it enables the rich to share in the pang of the poor.
Indeed, this holy week comes with a blessing often associated with God’s mercy and forgiveness. Christians would therefore need to combine their piety with supplication, prayers, sermons and a strict adherence to all the teachings of Christ.
We, therefore, expect that in the spirit of Easter, Christians and indeed Nigerians would work towards abstaining from all acts of crime, corruption and hatred. There is no better way this season can be justified except if we all see ourselves as one under the guidance of the Almighty Creator.
We urge traders not to inflict more sufferings on the innocent by increasing prices of food items during this holy period. Oftentimes, some traders take undue advantage of this spiritual exercise to exploit the people. They should either give discount or outright reduction in the prices of food items.
In this wise, we challenge our political, religious and traditional leaders and rulers to shun all divisive acts and use the opportunity provided by this period to repent from all sinful and ungodly ways. Indeed, under strict Christian principle and natural laws, leaders whose acts force citizens to commit crime stand liable for the sins.
Furthermore, we urge both the Christians and non-Christians to nurture the peaceful atmosphere of this holy week beyond the season. Both religions can sustain the peace needed for development and do away with the man-made problems afflicting us as a nation. This can be done if the opportunity provided by the Easter is used in prayer, supplication and seeking the face of God.
We congratulate all Christians and Nigerians as a whole for witnessing another Easter season and pray that the Almighty God will continue to keep this country united in love and peace. HAPPY EASTER CELEBRATION.

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