ekiti-govALLEGATIONS that the 19 All
Progressives Congress, APC
lawmakers bent on impeaching
Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose
received N250million from one of
the governors in the South-West
zone, yesterday hit the news waves.
It was alleged that the embattled
Speaker of the Ekiti State House
of Assembly, Dr. Adewale Omirin
and Senator Babafemi Ojudu were
involved in the scandal.
According to the rumour mill,
they received the money to impeach
Fayose and his Deputy, Dr. Olusola
Eleka from the governor of a sister
Problem allegedly started when
some of the APC lawmakers
discovered that they were
shortchanged in the disbursement
of the N250million released for the
impeachment project.
According to reports, Omirin
complained about the way and
manner the fund was being raised
by Senator Ojudu without the
knowledge of the lawmakers and
demanded explanations from
According to sources, “14 of
the APC lawmakers who are
committed to the impeachment
project were to get N8million each
while Omirin was supposed to be
given N15million.
“However, only N2million was
given to each of the lawmakers
while Omirin got N5million and
tongues are now wagging as to
how the balance of N227 million
was spent.
When Nigerian Pilot contacted
Ojudu on the development,
yesterday, he described it as a ruse,
saying that it was the handiwork of
Fayose to stop his impeachment which he declared as a fait
Ojudu said that this latest
tactics by Fayose would not save
him and admonished that the
allegations should not be given any
seriousness because there were no
truth in them.
Omirin toed the same line
when in text message response to
Nigerian Pilot inquiry, said: “I am
not aware of what you are talking
about. May be you should ask
them to provide evidence.”
His Special Adviser on Media,
Mr. Wole Olujobi, also debunked
media reports on Ekiti State
television and radio alleging a rift
between the Speaker and Senator
Ojudu over alleged impeachment
sponsorship funds.
He described the report as a ruse
designed to mislead the public.
In a statement, Olujobi explained
that the report on Ekiti State media
was the figment of the imagination
of the persons peddling it.
He said Omirin never engaged
in any deal with anyone over plan
to become the governor, while it is
not also true that Ojudu collected
money from anyone to impeach
Fayose in 2006.
“Fayose was sacked by
lawmakers, majority of whom,
were PDP members in 2006 over
alleged misappropriation of
N1.3billion poultry project. The
matter was investigated and the
governor was found guilty and was
impeached by PDP members that
were in the majority in the House
of Assembly,” Olujobi stated,
stressing that attempts to break the
ranks of APC leaders would fail.
He added that the same report
found its way to Channels
Television website and upon
investigation by the management
of the station, it was discovered that
the report was smuggled into the
Channels’ website by Ekiti State
government’s agents over which
the management of the station
has launched investigation to
punish the culprit used to do the
dirty job.
“Ekiti government’s agents
have already put a Channels
staff in trouble for allegedly
paying the concerned staff to put
false story on its website.
“Moments after the story
appeared on Channels website,
the management discovered
it was fake news and it was
removed immediately. This
dirty propaganda, like the ones
before it, has failed. “Omirin is
not pursuing any governorship
ambition. He is the Speaker of the
House of Assembly who must
check the governor’s excesses
in his flagrant trampling on
the Constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.
“Allegation of fighting
between Ojudu and Omirin
over impeachment fund is
non-existent and diversionary.
Nigerians are not fools. They
know all the constitutional
infractions Fayose has
committed. No dirty propaganda
by quacks working as media
aides of the governor can divert
the attention of Nigerians or
rescue a serial lawbreaker from
paying for the infractions he has
committed against the Nigerian
Constitution,” Olujobi said.
Ekiti shutdown over
impeachment threat
And sequel to the alarm
raised by Governor Fayose on
Sunday that the APC lawmakers
planned to invade the Assembly
yesterday, some public and
private institutions in the state
were shutdown.
The House of Assembly
was locked while policemen
barricaded all the major roads
leading to the complex without
allowing any person to pass
through them.
Nigerian Pilot learnt that all the
16 local council caretakers in the
state mobilised to the adjourning
roads expecting the lawmakers
to arrive on the scene who did
not show up.
Supporters of the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, who
were mobilised by the chairmen,
kept vigil around the complex
to prevent the lawmakers from
gaining access to the building.
In a statewide broadcast
on Sunday, Fayose alleged
that the Hon. Omirin-led
lawmakers were planning to
storm the Assembly on Monday
(yesterday) and begin his
He urged the people to mobilise
and defend the mandate freely
given to him during the June 21
governorship election in 2014.
Around the state secretariat, it
was noticed that a few workers
reported at their duty posts to
offer skeletal services while
others stayed away from office
because of the security situation
around the complex.
Most parents refused to allow
their wards to go to school while
only a few teachers reported for

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