The resignation of National
Chairman of the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji
Adamu Mu’azu, as atonement
for the party’s loss in the
just-held general elections is
grossly inadequate.
Analysts contend that the
resignation is also hugely
inequitable. This aligns
very well with all human
logics. It, indeed, offends the
sensibilities of members of
the PDP to forcefully sacrifice
Mu’azu on a platter for the
collective failure, failings
and foibles of the National
Working Committee, NWC, of
the party.
The sacrifice of Mu’azu
cannot sincerely, suffice for
the monumental treachery,
betrayal and tragedy that
befell the party under the
leadership of the NWC. The
general view is that the entire
NWC should have been
sacked and that view cannot
be faulted, especially against
the backdrop of allegations of
bribery that characterised the
The timing of the release
of this report to coincide with
the directive by President
Muhammadu Buhari for the
military to crush Boko Haram
is being interpreted to mean
that this UK group is working
to promote the interest of the
armed terrorists and is seeking
to undermine the resolve of
Nigeria’s new government to
crush Boko Haram.
If these military service
Chiefs both retired and
serving erroneously listed for
prosecution for the so-called
war crimes in the West are
rounded up, what Amnesty
International is targeting to
achieve is to demoralise the
military forces now battling
the terrorists in the North
East of Nigeria and to weaken
their fighting morale and
motivation. This bad report
must be thrown away to the
garbage bin.
To fully understand how
hollow this report is, we
will delve briefly to quote
some aspects of the executive
summary of the report titled,
“Stars on their shoulders Blood
on their hands, war crimes
committed by the Nigerian
The London based group
wrote thus; “In the course of
security operations against
Boko Haram in north-east
Nigeria, Nigerian military
forces have extrajudicially
conduct of the party primaries
for all elective positions. Some
members of the NWC were
named in some sordid deals
involving sales of the party
nominations to the highest
bidders across the country.
Is it, therefore, not ironical
that those individuals are
still parading themselves as
members of the NWC while
Mu’azu is left in the lurch to
suffer the consequences of the
Committee’s actions and/or
inactions? Does it not show the
extent of the disarray, weakness
of leadership and lack of
purpose in the hitherto ruling
If only Mu’azu, a northerner,
could be forced out of office
while the others are keeping
their positions and enjoying
their loot from alleged bribery,
it simply means the PDP is not
ready to do the right thing.
Doing the right thing would
have entailed the passage
of a vote of no confidence
in the entire NWC so that
the Committee would stand
dissolved. Even that would
have been too extreme. What
should have expectedly
happened, without sowing the
seed of acrimony, would have
been for members of the NWC
to voluntarily step down from
their respective positions.
But for selfish political reasons,
which bother mainly on greed
and personal aggrandisement,
some members of the NWC
decided to dig in their feet. They
would not want to voluntarily
and honorably step down.
This is certainly not salutary
to the current efforts aimed at
repositioning and rebuilding the
PDP. Those who were involved
in the perfidy that brought the
party to its knees in the elections
are still running the show and
calling the shots.
This is not how to come to
equity: he who must come to
equity must come with clean
hands! Mu’azu has been made
to do the right thing. What is
sauce for the goose is sauce for
the gander. The Bauchi-born
politician was not the only one
that ran the NWC. He only
played his part as national
Is it right to interdict only
Mu’azu for the wrong-doings
committed, for instance, by
other members of the NWC like
the Deputy National Chairman,
Prince Uche Secondus (now
acting national chairman) or
the National Publicity Secretary,
Chief Olisa Metuh or National
Woman Leader, Dr. Kema
Chike, among others?
By the way, without pointing
finger of guilt at any one
in particular or insinuating
anything, what has happened to
the controversial N750 million
that a governorship aspirant in
Delta State and former House
of Representatives member
reportedly gave to some
members of the NWC for the
governorship ticket? Is it true
that about half of the money
was returned when the deal
went awry?
Again, is it true that some
members of the NWC got
about N1 billion to secure
nominations for members of a
PDP group in Abia State? Who
collected money from some
governorship aspirants in Imo
State and failed to deliver? Can
the NWC vouch for any of its
members as being above board
in the conduct of primaries and
giving out of nominations/ tickets to aspirants on the
PDP platform to contest
the 2015 general elections?
Why did many leaders
and members of the party
become aggrieved and why
did they defect to other
These issues must be
investigated. This process
must be engaged and done
with within the next two
months when Secondus is
expected to act as national
chairman of the PDP so
that instead of Secondus
reverting to his substantive
position as Deputy National
Chairman, he and other
members of the NWC can
quietly ease out of the NWC.
This should pave the way
for the replacement of the
entire NWC and the coming
on board of a leadership that
is fresh, active and sharply
focused to rebuild the party.
If this is not the case, then
PDP sympathisers could as
well bid the party a final
Mr. Adebanjo sent this piece
from Ketu, Lagos