THE ISSUE of state police has been lingering in the polity with many commentators not considering the variables that may not make it work in the Nigeria of today. Nigeria operates the federal legal system. The present police system is federal in function and character. It upholds and defends Nigeria’s constitution. Nigeria operated the state police system in the 50s and late 60s when there was peace and unity. If you were a Nigerian then, you were a Nigerian to the core. Nigeria’s borders were safe and every Nigerian was safe. But today, the unity we cherished and nurtured has been bastardised. In one part of Nigeria, Boko Haram is trying to declare an Islamic Caliphate. Thanks be to God for the military skillfulness of Nigerian
soldiers that delivered Nigeria. Again, Fulani insurgency is unbeatable. All these do not support the state police system. The United States operates the state police system. I appreciate the discipline, skill and how the American constitution is upheld and defended. But Nigeria should not copy the United States because America upholds and defends only one legal system, unlike Nigeria. Also, America is a country of laws and not a country where criminals are financed and celebrated. In the light of this, our leaders should not allow themselves to be hypnotised by the state police system. The Nigeria Police Force works well with us and for us. There is a need to retrain its members like the police in the US, UK, Scotland, Israel and France are trained. Nigeria needs a police system that is acceptable in training and skills as a leading country in Africa. Currently, the Nigerian policing system has not failed the nation. By the nature of their training, skills and discipline, Nigerian policemen have no option but to uphold and defend the constitution. A state police has options to be loyal to the state, caliphate or jihadists in control. It must be remembered that jihad is going on in Nigeria. Which police or soldier will defend the interest and the integrity of Nigeria? State police is not needed in Nigeria. If it is not broken, do not fix it.