• Unveils Explore Cards

Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure, one of the leading Resorts South-West of Nigeria and the first of its kind in Lagos has unveiled its Explore Card for corporate clients, tourists and other Nigerians aimed at simplifying bookings and opening of the tourism industry in Lagos and Nigeria in general.
The resort is beckoning on leisure seekers, tourists both Nigerians elites and non elites including the expatriates communities and other foreigners to make good of their holidays by choosing from a selection of its fully furnished contemporary chalets for that exceptional stay where every detail is thought to perfection.
The Explore Card offers the clients opportunity to accumulate points while at the resort using its facilities like lodging, gym, massaging, horse riding, food and beverages, boat cruise and tour, children fun games, business meetings, parties and others.
The explore card simplifies booking and removes the stress and risk of carrying cash about at the resort for clients who want to experience leisure at a typical getaway in a natural and tranquil environment with cool and unpolluted breeze.
Speaking during a media briefing at the Resort, the chief executive officer of Gran Imperio Group, Adeyeye Ogunwusi disclosed that the product is not only for the elites but also for other Nigerians who will stand the opportunity of accumulating points through their patronage.
Ogunwusi noted that the Explore Card is a scheme that is tested and trusted which will provide an individualised service designed around clients’ lifestyle and preferences.
He stated that the explore card is a form of loyalty card where a customer can accumulate points which will invariably afford the clients the opportunity to explore nature, experience romantic dinner at the floating lounge and other services at the resort at a discounted rate.
In his words, “considering the high cost of travelling abroad to Europe, America and other countries to experience something like this, one can save all that cost and experience nature at it best at Inagbe Resort for the whole family as we have different packages for the children and adults, this is a non oil sector of the economy that is going to boom, countries like The Gambia, South Africa and others depend on tourism for survival and growth. Here the foreign tourists are coming in droves.”
According to Ogunwusi, most of the products used at the resort are manufactured locally, like tissue paper, the cain chairs, the glass doors, windows and others. The only things at the resort that are imported are the television, air conditioners and fridges.
He said: “There are lots of other things you can do, we provide an individualized services around your life style and preferences because we understand that everyone has different tastes. There is no maintenance charges, no extra charges, the value of your points is what you spend at the resort and up to 50 per cent discount on all bookings. 100,000points and above gets you up to 50 percent discount, 50,000to 99,000 points gets you up to 30 percent discount, 10,000 to 49,000 points gets up to 10 percent discount as all booking are subject to availability.”
The resort has 18 hole golf course under construction, two helipads for helicopters and small aircraft to land for those who may prefer to come to the resort on air, ready boats at designated points that will bring clients to the resort with little charges around N7000 or slightly higher.
Ogunwusi added, “the entire projects in different phases is estimated to cost like 300 million dollars when completed, is a gradual thing, the golf course is going on , 18 hole golf course, is an ongoing project we are using Nigerians to train other Nigerians on how a golf course should be built, we have done more than 40 percent of the entire project. Is an ongoing projects, it took a year of intensive work to get to this level we are now.”
He maintained, “we want to start the one in Osun by the end of the year the one in Abuja, Niger state Kaduna border by the end of the year concurrently by the time we stabilise this by the first quarter of this year by that time we have stabilised this one, then we will move on to the one in Osun and Abuja and after we will move to other parts of the country because Nigeria must develop that is why we are spreading out, that is what am saying, the country must be developed by us and not by foreigners.”
Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure, a natural landscape graced with tranquility and peaceful atmosphere is located just 15 minutes away from Victoria Island, Banana Island and Ikoyi within a friendly community rich in culture and history of ancient Lagos monarchy, which is home to the Esinmikan Royal Family.