Police nab 3 kidnappers, rescue 4 victims in Kogi

Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase, has deployed a team of Homicide Police officers to investigate the continuous killings in different communities in Rivers State.
The IGP disclosed this while fielding questions from journalists shortly after flagging off a new uniform for Spy Police at the premises of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Port Harcourt, yesterday.
Arase, who contended that no one has the right to take another person’s life, said a marching order has been given to the state Commissioner of Police, CP Musa Kimo, to track down those behind killings in the State, stating that a gang of criminals could never overwhelm security forces.
He said: “It is unacceptable for people to take laws into their hands. This is not a Hobbesian State where might thrives. And I have told the Commissioner of Police; he must go after whoever that has taken the lives of other people and ensure we bring them to book.
“And, secondly, proliferation of firearms is unacceptable, not only in Rivers State; but, across the length and breadth of the country. This is also reflective of international law. It is a global thing. There must a strategic approach to it.
“We must not allow a gang of criminals to overrun the state. We cannot allow them to overwhelm the state. There is nowhere in the world, where a gang of criminals overwhelm the state. It can never happen. You can be rest assured that we will deal with them.
“The killings in Rivers State are being investigated. I have dispatched a team of homicide to the State. You know when a thing like this occurs; there are different perspectives to it.
“And I have always taken a stand that police should be apolitical. We must show professionalism in investigating this matter. And, while I have deployed a team of homicide officers from Abuja; we have to take over most of these cases and ensure they are professionally investigated”.
Speak earlier during the flag-off of the uniforms, the Police Boss pointed out that Spy Police are engaged for specific security functions within a restricted jurisdiction or operational space.
He said the essence of the new uniform was to give them a price of place as a branch of the police force and as well check misconduct.
While commending the Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC for taking the lead to launch the new spy police uniform, IGP Arase, however warned that any spy police seen to be wearing the old uniform will be de-robed, disciplined and prosecuted for professional misconduct.
“It is my firm advise that other organisations utilising the services of spy police should immediately follow the enviable lead of SPDC and also ensure voluntary conformity with the new guidelines on spy police uniform. I have already directed that henceforth, any spy police personnel found still using the old spy police uniform should be arrested, de-kitted and subjected to force disciplinary procedure for improper dressing. He also stands the risk of being prosecuted for impersonating general duty police officers”, he stated.
In his speech, the Managing Director, SPDC, Mr Osaze Okumbo stated that over the years, spy police officers have evolved from being a small group patrolling pipeline right of way to a disciplined and well structured arm of the Nigerian Police Force.

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