A Lawmaker in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly at the weekend called on Federal government to increase the local government Areas (LGA) to 25, to enable the state have the fair share of resource control.
Hon. Salo Adikumo, Member Representing Sagbama Constituency 2, made the call during a chat with newsmen in his office at the Assembly Complex in Yenagoa.
The Lawmaker lamented that since the creation of Bayelsa state, the eight local government system has remained the same and that is pure cheating and neglect.
He said, “the FG should increase our LGAs from 8 to 25, to enable us have a fair share of the economy we are producing. It is unfortunate, we should have 8 LG from 1996, when we should have at least 25, we also have equal right too.”
Against the backdrop of neglect on the minority, he averred that, “Bayelsa state is the economic base of the country, we have oil here, but look at the Oloibiri community, where oil was first found in large quantity, it is in the bush. I hope you are aware, if it were other ethnic nationalities, that place would have been a very huge success. Things would have been booming there, because it is for the Ijaw man, a minority the place is left fallow in the bush. Just imagine where oil was first hit on commercial quantity.
“Oil is still the economic base and there are thriving in other states, the abandoning of the Oloibiri site is not acceptable. The federal government should give us the things that will make us happy, and keep the state going.
Stressing further, he said “give us 25 LGA, we know we don’t have the power to create it for ourselves, but we will continue to cry out. We will always cry out, we will use the institution of National Assembly to let our people know that we are not happy with this eight LGA system. Because they give us 13% derivation, and they go to collect money for so many LGAs. We are away of the so many tricks of the Northern states, the Ijaw man you see today, is not the Ijaw man you saw yesterday.
“This is an age where all hands should be on deck to know what is good for us, and we will not use violence, but we will use both intellectual and political means to achieve the United country called Nigeria.
He also urged the federal government to practice true federalism, noting that, the people should make use of what they have and contribute to the center.

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