Chairperson, Nachi Progressive Union, Abuja, Mrs Cordelia Udemeze, has urged parents to speak local languages to their children in order to preserve indigenous languages.
According to her, “It is the duty of all parents irrespective of tribe or political affiliation to introduce their children to our mother tongue very early in life. If our culture is to be preserved, all parents should imbibe the culture of speaking our indigenous languages to their children, starting from the cradle to about six years old.
“They should be introduced to local languages before registering for formal education.’’
She added that the mother tongue should not be optional rather it should be learnt by all, while English ought to be a second language.
“English is supposed to be a second language, the mother tongue should be learnt by all. I am ashamed of our people, we are selling ourselves, we cannot even talk in secret with our children because they don’t understand our language.
“It is not dignifying to speak a foreign language when your own is going into extinction. When we do away with our language we are only promoting that other culture.
“So they should try as much as possible to teach the little ones our language because without it the people have no culture and attachment. What will happen if they go to their villages, will you speak grammar to your kinsmen during village meetings?
“We are working aimlessly if we cannot imbibe the culture of teaching our children our culture.’’
The chairperson called on parents whose children cannot speak their indigenous language to begin now to teach them, saying “it is better late than never’’.
“For those that have derailed start teaching your children because it is going to take us to greater heights. Most women are travelling abroad to go and teach children born in America and Europe, whereas we that are in Nigeria are proud that our children cannot speak our language, it is a shameful thing. We should change for the preservation of our culture, most especially our identity and heritage.’’

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