Wike satisfied with pace of work at PH park

RIVERS State Governor, Nyesom
Ezenwo Wike has declared
that the state is not celebrating
democracy day, because the
Independent National Electoral
Commission, INEC, has destroyed
the foundation of democracy by
plotting to allocate legislative seats
in the state.
The governor also declared that
his administration will deliver
more pro-people projects and
programmes in his second year in
Speaking during a thanksgiving
mass to mark the first year
anniversary of his administration
at the Our Lady of Holy Rosary of
the Catholic Institute of West Africa,
CIWA, in Port Harcourt on Sunday,
Governor Wike said that INEC has
perfected plans to allocate legislative
seats in Rivers State instead of
conducting the inconclusive rerun
elections in the State.
He said: “We will not celebrate
democracy because INEC wants
to determine who will represent
Rivers State. After two months of
cancellation of elections, so that it
can allocate some seats to APC and
others to PDP. Is that democracy?
“We beg INEC to hasten to conduct
elections in the remaining seats. We
want our representatives in the
Senate; we want our representatives
in the House of Representatives. We
are not saying that INEC should
allocate seats to us. We don’t want
allocation, we want voting.
“We will not accept allocation of
seats. We will only accept elections
for the remaining seats”.
On his first year in office, Governor
Wike said, despite the challenges
faced by his administration, he
performed creditably, ensuring
that that the people enjoyed the
dividends of democracy.
He said that the successes already
recorded will be surpassed in his
second year in office.
“This is one year, you have not
seen anything as far as development
is concerned. In our second
year, more development will be
witnessed across the state”, he said.
He informed that the
administration has taken measures
to save funds through biometrics to
determine the true number of civil
servants in the employment of the
state government.
He said that the state government
has already paid the April salaries
of the 13000 civil servants who have
completed their biometrics.
According to the governor, only
civil servants who have done their
biometrics will henceforth receive
their salaries adding that all 54000
civil servants must physically
present themselves for biometrics
before they are considered to
be employees of the Rivers State
On security, Governor Wike said
that he had provided the needed
logistics for security agencies to
improve security across the state
and noted that he has received
assurances that in the coming
months, security will improve.

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