A non-governmental
organization, Human Rights
Writers Association of Nigeria,
HURIWA, yesterday said
insecurity is eroding the legay of
the administration of President
Muhammadu Buhari.
In a statement signed by the
National Coordinator Comrade
Emmanuel Onwubiko and the
National Media Affairs Director
Miss Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA
charged President Buhari to
immediately reorganize the
national security architecture to
enable the security forces to live
up to
their constitutional role and
frontally combat all violent
criminal elements irrespective of
their tribes, religion and trade.”
According to the group,
“President Muhammadu Buhari
got a chunk of votes from most
voters in the 2015 presidential
poll because of his famed military
antecedent and based on his
campaign theme which focused
majorly on tackling and combating
manifestations of insecurity, threats
to territorial integrity of Nigeria
caused by book haram terrorists
and other categories of violent
criminalities. But two and half
years down the line, with only few
months to the end of his presidential
term of office, the President
has been unable, unwilling and
refused to implement nationalistic
military and law-based defence
mechanisms to eradicate the
increasingly threats to
national security by armed
Fulani herdsmen; boko haram
terrorists and armed kidnappers.”
HURIWA warned President
Buhari of the extensive damage
to hiscredibility and expected
political legacy which the
expanding frontiers of organized
criminal violence of armed Fulani
boko haram terrorists and
other classes of armed freelance
attackers, have done to his records
of service as Nigeria’s Civilian
President from 2015 –2019.
HURIWA has also condemned
the reported siege of Chikun
LGA of Kaduna and Numan
Local Council of Adamawa state
by armed Fulani herdsmen and
demanded immediate military
deployment of patriotic Nigerian
soldiers to disarm these terrorists.
The Rights group faulted any
government’s political declarations
of victory over boko haram
terrorists and asserted that such
cosmetic propaganda is far from
the reality on ground but the group
applauded the Nigeria Army for
some tangible efforts even as it
tasked the Federal government to
dp more to equip the combatants
and motivate them with adequate
“Mr. President seems distracted
already with the cacophony of
sycophantic political machinations
by career politicians who are
already drumming up farcical
support for him to run for a second
even when this government has
so far failed to deliver the cardinal
principle of his campaign which is
the effective demolition, degrading
and destruction of the capacities
of criminal elements to stop the
heightened state of insecurity and
check the increasing threats to
national security posed by boko
haram terrorists.”
HURIWA called on President
Buhari to fortify border security
so as to block all avenues for the
inflow of illicit weapons just as
the Rights group asked President
Buhari to drop heads of security
forces because they have failed in
their constitutional duties with the
possible exception of the Chief of
Army Staff Lt. Gen Tukur Yusuf
Buratai whose men and officers are
battling the scourge of boko haram
terrorism with some verifiable
manifestations of achievements.
The Rights group however
wants the Federal government to
set up a joint milital task force to
combat the increasing threats to
national security posed by armed
Fulani herdsmen so as to avoid
the situation whereby all affected
communities could team up to
attack the Fulani herdsmen as
revenge mission.

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