In view of the recent insurgents attack on innocent Nigerian workers at venue of biometric exercise in Zaria, Kaduna State, Some civil servants in the state have suggested that the state government consider putting a temporary stop to the exercise, pending adequate security is restored in the state.
The state civil servants said that they are no longer safe converging at a particular local government headquarter or elsewhere for the purpose of the verification exercise, suggesting that new way that would discourage public gathering be introduced.
Some of the workers who spoke to News Agency of Nigeria argued that continuing with the exercise would negate the directives of Governor Nasiru El-Rufa’i for residents to avoid crowded places.
One of the workers, Hajiya Rakiya Usman, said that the current arrangement was no longer conducive for workers, considering the security threat to their lives.
“What government should do is to set different days for each bank instead of gathering people in the same place, thus making the place rowdy and a good target for attack,” she said.
Usman called on the government to do something urgent about the situation, so as to avert a repeat of what last week.
Another civil servant, Mallama Monsura Ibrahim said the process was stressful and time consuming, frowning to the time it takes for someone to get registered.
“But we have no option but to sleep in a queue, under the hot sun and rain, just to comply with the directive by the governor. I wonder how civil servants will celebrate Sallah without getting their salary since the larger percentage of workers are yet to be screened due to the slow nature of the exercise.
“Many of us have nothing to take care of our family and with the ongoing fasting we need to take something home instead of spending the whole day on queue. How do we buy clothes for our children and things to celebrate? She asked.
She advised that the verification be carried out in respective ministries instead of assembling all the workers in one place.
Monsura said, “People came from far to participate in the exercise, not minding all the risk involved, including the challenge of accommodation, and feeding. Our children are left alone at home; so imagine the hardship we go through to be captured in the exercise” she said.

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