House of Representatives on Wednesday called on the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, to suspend the planned introduction of stun guns till such a time when the state of insecurity in the country would have abated reasonably.
The lower chamber also urged the Nigeria Police Force to regularly train and retrain its personnel on the proper use of firearms and how to relate with the civil populace.
The resolution followed a motion titled ‘Call for Suspension of the Plan to Introduce Stun Guns to Replace Firearms’ sponsored by
Hon. Ayodele Oladimeji.
In his lead debate, Oladimeji recalled that the Inspector-General of Police recently announced that the force would soon replace firearms with stun guns as part of measures to reduce causalities resulting from misuse of firearms by police personnel.
He observed that the current high rate of robberies, kidnappings, abductions and general insecurity of lives and properties in Nigeria needed strong, concerted and unrelenting efforts of well-equipped police force to combat.
The lawmaker said that stun guns, being an electroshock weapon or an incapacitating weapon that momentarily disables with an electric shock, would reduce incidents of extra-judicial and accidental killings by policemen in the course of carrying out their official duties.
He expressed concern that many of the incidents of extra-judicial killings in which the police had been implicated had to do with demands for bribes and refusal of the victims to comply.
Oladimeji lamented that many of the police personnel involved in those incidents allegedly acted under the influence of alcohol and narcotic, which largely impaired their sense of judgement.
He also pointed out that the replacement of firearms with stun guns would expose the officers and the citizenry to dangers in the hands of hoodlums, who possess more powerful weapons.
In its resolution, the House further urged the Inspector-General of Police to ensure that strict disciplinary actions were always meted out to officers found drunk on duty.

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