Patrick Obi, Lagos bureau writes on the fight against Boko Haram insurgents in relation to President Buhari campaign promise of crushing them.

For most Nigerians the activities of the blood thirsty Islamic terrorist, Boko Haram is getting more pronounced instead of the other way round of getting crushed as promised during the inaugural speech of President Mohammed Buhari.
During campaign for the last general elections, the President’s party, the All Progressive Congress, APC placed at strategic positions across the country campaign signboard displaying its readiness to defeat Boko Haram Islamists on assumption of office.
With the elections over, President Buhari in his inaugural speech said, “ The most immediate is Boko Haram’s insurgency. Progress has been made in recent weeks by our security forces but victory can not be achieved by basing the Command and Control Centre in Abuja. The command centre will be relocated to Maiduguri and remain until Boko Haram is completely subdued. But we cannot claim to have defeated
Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by insurgents.
“This government will do all it can to rescue them alive. Boko Haram is a typical example of small fires causing large fires. An eccentric and unorthodox preacher with a tiny following was given posthumous fame and following by his extra
judicial murder at the hands of the police. Since then through official bungling, negligence, complacency or collusion Boko Haram became a terrifying force taking tens of thousands of lives and capturing several towns and villages covering swathes of Nigerian sovereign territory.
“Boko Haram is a mindless, godless group who are as far away from Islam as one can think of. At the end of the hostilities when the group is subdued the Government intends to commission a sociological study to determine its origin, remote and immediate causes of the movement, its sponsors, the international connexions to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a recurrence of this evil. For now the Armed Forces will be fully charged with prosecuting the fight against Boko Haram. We shall overhaul the rules of engagement to avoid human rights violations in operations.
“We shall improve operational and legal mechanisms so that disciplinary steps are taken against proven human right violations by the Armed Forces.”
Within the last One month of assuming office as the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces of the country, the number of innocent citizens sent to their untimely death by the dreaded group continue to rise daily without a solution to it.
The sect seems to have intensified its activities believed to have claimed more than 500 lives in different attacks in North-Eastern communities.
Chronicling the activities of the Boko Haram from the recent shows a carnage of immense magnitude.
July 7- 2015 – Bomb Blast Hits
Zaria, 25 People Reportedly Dead
July 6- 2015 – A female suicide bomber blew herself up outside a popular Kano mosque, Umar IbnKhattab on Zoo road in Kano metropolis
July 6- 2015 – more than 30 people were killed in fresh attacks in Birnin-Magaji local government area of Zamfara State.
July 5 – 2015 – 51 persons killed in twin explosions in Jos, Plateau State
July 5, 2015 – Six persons killed in an explosion at a Redeemed Christian Church of God parish in Potiskum, Yobe State.
July 3 – 29 killed in Mussa Village in Askira-Uba LGA, Borno
July 2 – 11 killed at Malari Village along Bama/ Konduga Highway, Borno
July 1 – 98 killed in Kukawa village, Borno
June 30 – 48 killed in Mussaram I and Mussaram II in Monguno LGA, Borno
June 27 – 5 killed at Molai General Hospital, Borno State
June 23 – 20 killed in Debiro, Hawul LGA, Borno
June 23 – 15 killed in suicide attack in Gujba LGA, Borno
June 22 – 8 killed in twin bombings at the Baga fish market, Maiduguri
June 17 – 63 people died in Monguno after accidental explosion
June 15 – 11 persons killed in twin suicide bombings in Potiskum
June 11 – 37 killed as Boko Haram attacks Borno communities
June 7 – 3 dead in suicide bombing on Baga/Monguno highway
June 5 – 40 dead in suicide attack on Jimeta Modern Market, Yola
June 4 – 2 died in suicide bombing near military checkpoint in Maiduguri
June 3 – 4 killed in Baga attack
June 2 – 50 killed in Maiduguri abattoir bombing
May 31 – 4 killed at Gamboru market, Maiduguri
May 30 – 26 killed in Borno mosque explosion
May 30 – 13 killed in attempted attack on Maiduguri.
With the ferocious attack by the sect not abating, the United States in its usual manner condemned the attacks in northeastern Nigeria inflicted by Boko Haram.
Recently, the US State Department spokesman John Kirby, while offering condolences to the families of the victims said, “We will continue to support Nigeria’s efforts to bring those responsible for these attacks, as well as previous attacks, to justice.”
He noted that Washington is providing counterterrorism aid to help Nigerian authorities fight the terror group.
“The United States stands with the Nigerian people in their struggle against violent extremism,” Kirby said.
“We will continue to work closely with the Nigerian government and our international partners to combat Boko Haram and assist its many victims.”
For most Nigerians, the gains achieved over the Boko Haram sect during ex President, Goodluck Jonathan reign seems to be evaporating as all the promise by the US have come to nothing.
Speaking to Nigerian Sunday Pilot, divine Uzoazo, said that to fight Boko Haram will be difficult as some still see them as a misguided brothers and not the bloodthirsty terrorists.
According to him,”President Buhari cannot fight Boko Haram because he just said few days ago he will negotiate with them. He still sees them as people who are being misled not terrorist who are out to kill and destroy the country.
“With the way the Boko Haram are intensifying in the cause, they will do more havoc because of President Buhari’s romance with the western world that Boko Haram is against.
The President has even aided them by removing check points from roads and look at the havoc it has started causing.
As far as am concerned this fight will not end, it will come and be going that’s how terrorist sects operate as you cannot ever predict their next line of action.
My advice to President Buhari is for him to go back to the drawing board on how to reduce their attacks and activities not crushing them which is near impossible.
For Austin Idonije, he said, “Where is the Arewa Consultative Forum? They are no longer saying anything. People are being killed like animals and no one is questioning the effectiveness of the government in combating insurgency.
“They promised to wipe out Boko Haram if voted in now they are planning a negotiation with them. Isn’t this insane?
“I know that the figure of those killed in the past one month may be higher than what is being brandished in the media.
Let them wake up and keep to their campaign promises of ending insurgency not giving excuses.”
Stephen Uwah, I praise the efforts of Military but the government of President Buhari is yet to wake up to reality that fighting terrorist is different from conventional warfare.
He is looking up to the US to help out. How have they helped Syria, Iraq and Ukraine? Until they divide Nigeria like they predicted our end in 2015 their will be no rest.
Nigerians should beware of the Americans. The help they refuse to offer Jonathan now they are promising PMB. We should beware so that Nigeria will not be like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria Libya etc which they have destroyed. I don’t know the kind of help that we will get from Sodom and Gomorrah of our time.
Mr. Adekunle Ifabiyi calls for patience and prayers as the government is a new one and needs time to settle down.
“Nigerians should give the government all their support and not forgetting that everything happening around the world is a testimony to end time, as we have Boko Haram in Nigeria, heat wave in Pakistan, hurricane in America, ISIS in Middle East, flood disaster in Asia and other man made disasters are all indications of end time.
“Instead of Nigerians to defend the country through prayers, especially northerners owing to the fact that their son is at the helms, we are complaining and criticizing.
“For me President Buhari should also know that 4 years is not far away, it is no more compulsory for anyone
to have second term so he should make things work according to his campaign promises.”

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