Nigerian and British Armies have agreed to a 20-year training pact aimed at finding lasting solution to raising activities of terrorism in Nigeria and its neighbouring Benin, Cameroun, Chad and Niger Republic.
The 20-year development plan, aimed at developing the Nigeria armed forces so that it can combat terrorism efficiently, took place at a two-day seminar held in Abuja.
Director of Military Intelligence, Maj-Gen. Letam Wiwa, who was appointed the chairman of the committee handling the development strategy, revealed that the essence is to enhance the state of combat readiness and general national development in line with the development agenda of the federal government.
He said the seminar was conceived during series of meetings held by the committee over the development plan for the Nigerian Army.
The pact is based on the British Army’s antecedents for training the Nigerian Army with the pioneering soldiers attending UK academies like Sandhurst and Mons.
Few days ago, President-elect Muhammadu Buhari made an unannounced trip to London, which was believed to be in connection with the training pact.
Efforts by the Nigeria Army to cage the menace have over the years proved abortive until recently when neighbouring countries teamed up to fight the insurgents.

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