THERE ARE indications that
the intrigues surrounding the
appointment of CEO/Post Master
General, PMG, of Nigerian Postal
Service, may stall the realisation of
N11 billion revenue for 2016.
It can be recalled that Enoch
Adeyeye Ogun, CEO/acting
NIPOST Post Master General
who appeared before the House
Committee during the budget
defence unveiled plans to raise
the N5 billion generated in 2015 to
N11 billion this year.
According to him, “last year we
generated about N5 billion and
this year, we projected N11 billion,
which is a tall dream but I know
we can achieve it, not because of
the banking sector so if now we
have that drive, that was the target
I set, and I know Nigerians will be
happy to achieve it. But now we
are in March, a quarter has gone
and we’ve not started anything.
I set the target as a dream. Not
because of the stamp duty.”
Ogun noted that NIPOST has not
received subvention from Federal
Government for over 25 years,
adding that the proposed plan
to embark on financial inclusion
Programme across all the rural
areas and 774 Local Government
Areas would also be affected.
This follows the crisis trailing
the sack letter of the CEO/acting
NIPOST Post Master General,
via a letter issued and signed
by Sunny Echeno, Permanent
Secretary of Federal Ministry of
Communications at a meeting held
in Abuja, sequel to the directive of
the Minister of Communication,
Adebayo Shittu, while in South
According to the letter, Ogun’s
appointment elapsed on March
31, 2016.
Ogun, who decried the
politicking behind the
appointment of the PMG, said,
“the Permanent Secretary only
called me and handed over the
sack letter on the directive of the
Minister who was away in South
“There was no prior meeting nor
any query issued to me, they only
went to all the media and started
the press war. I and members of
my family especially my children
were worried when we read and
hear the news all over the media,”
he lamented.
While stressing that the
stigmatisation has political
undertone, Ogun noted that the
Minister had earlier informed
of plans to appoint an external
person as the Post Master General.
Ogun who denied all the
allegations levelled against him in
the media report however argued
that all controversial issues raised
by the Minister were inherited
from his predecessors.
He said: “first, it is very
unfortunate, the press war on my
personal self, maybe it’s because of
this long struggle for the post of post
master general. The honourable
Minister is my superior, he can
call me or give a directive for me
to explain issues; he can query me
and I’m bound to answer.
“As the PMG I’m subordinate
to him and querying me will give
me opportunity to express myself,
but for him to judge, without
any query, without any request
for explanation, they went to the
press. But without any query,
without any explanation from
me, they went to the press to
say the federal government had
disowned a committee raised by
the Post Master General to appoint
agencies to collect stamp duties on
behalf of government.”
While denying the allegations
on the purported appointment
of agents to collection of Stamp
Duty on behalf of Federal
Government, Ogun disclosed that
he did not employ any agent since
assumption of office as the acting
NIPOST Post Master General.
He however noted that the
standing Committee appointed
by the former Post Master General
was responsible for screening and
recommendation of any stamp
agents, despite the fact that the
NIPOST Act confers the powers
on the PMG to appoint any agents
for same purpose.
“I read in the papers that I have
started the process of appointing
agents for the collection of stamp
duties on behalf of Government.
“I’ve never appointed any
committee since I’ve been here.
We have a standing committee
that I inherited from the former
post master general. Besides,
the standing Committee for the
appointment of agents has been
on since 1996 and the Committee
has always been there.
“The present Committee that
is there has been inaugurated by
the former Post Master General on
the 3rd July 2014 which includes
staff of many departments,
legal, operations, counter, etc.
Incidentally, my own department
where I was the director was not a
member of the Committee.
“So I inherited that committee,
we have not dissolved it and I am
not the one that appointed the
Committee,” he explained.
He further explained that
NIPOST does not “collect the
stamp duties, we do not collect
tax, we do not collect revenue on
behalf of Federal Government.
What we do is that we generate
revenue for government. Stamp
duty collection is a function of
Federal Inland Revenue Services
not NIPOST. I think what we’ve
having is misuse of words,” he

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