AN UPCOMING artist, Durosinmi
Abiodun, has urged governments at
all levels to invest in the music industry
because of its potentials.
Abiodun, a gospel musician, told
the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in
Lagos on Monday that the investment
would promote culture, peace and
unity in the country.
Abiodun inaugurated his single track
album called “ Aditu” (Mystery).
According to him, music will assist
government promote indigenous
languages, culture, create employment
and wealth for the youths.
“Music is now dominating
everywhere in Nigeria with more
artistes emerging, especially among the
“Even if you choose not to relate with
other things, am sure you will want to
relate with music.
“Government should begin to realise
that music is a platform that can be used
to promote culture, nation building
because it has universal values.
“Government should show more
interest in protecting our heritage,”
Durosinmi said.
He said that Ebenezer Obey, King
Sunny Ade, Beautiful Nubia and
Rowland Olomola (Baba Ara) were
musical legends that inspired him.
He appealed to the federal
government to tackle piracy because
it was major challenge confronting the
He also pleaded that an enabling
environment should be created to make
the entertainment industry thrive in the
Durosinmi advised other upcoming
artist to be hard working and ensure
that their music had a good message
that would improve the morality of the
“During the 90’s, international music
are in vogue and people buy and listen
to them.
“At present, people hardly buy or
play international music or listen to
them because Nigerian music has taken
“I urge our upcoming musicians to
cultivate the idea of singing music that
will send good message to the public,”
He said.
Durosinmi Abiodun, an indigene
of Oyo state, performed at Lagos at 50
years celebration.

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