Investigation has revealed that the major cause of the renewed militancy in the oil rich Niger Delta is as a result of the Federal Government’s decision to cancel the proposed Maritime University in the region.
According to a source close to the militants who revealed that the grievances of the youths in the region were fuelled when they discovered that their hope to get better life through education has been dashed out by the new administration.
The said university, which was flagged off by the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan two years ago, brought smiles to the faces of the youths in the region and as such instead of picking up arms to engage in bombing of oil pipelines and destroying the once peaceful region embraced education.
However, two years after the ground breaking ceremony, the only thing that can be seen at the site of the swamp forest of Okerenkoko are some yellow bulldozers lying idle at the construction site of the university.
Following Tompolo’s acceptance of amnesty programme from the FG, he became a full time contractor and businessman. He established diving school in a nearby village of Kurutie as well as a hospital in Okerenkoko, which served communities within Gbaramatu Kindom of the Delta State as a means of giving back to the community.
The diving school campus, complete with high-rise housing for student accommodation and a cavernous 12-metre deep (40-feet) diving tank.
Trouble started when the once celebrated project located in the hometown of the ex-militant warlord, Government Ekpemupolo, also known as Tompolo was announced by the FG to be called off making it a symbols of a frustrated dream hence the renewed crisis in the region.
In 2014, the FG bought a diving school belonging to the ex-militant warlord, Tomopolo now a businessman, for the temporary site of the Nigerian Maritime University.
But in 2015, Tompolo was charged with money laundering bordering the sale of diving school which the FG ended up freezing his assets including his bank accounts.
Tompolo has since gone into hiding following the arrest warrant issued by the court on his person. Presently the hospital has been shut down and the university suspended for now.
This has sparked up argument from several individuals in the country with some individuals claiming the cost at which the FG acquired the school was too high saying it would be cheaper to upgrade an existing maritime school.
According to Ayebibode, who noted that the classrooms are well furnished with whiteboards, desk and air conditioners said that the “classes could start tomorrow, everything is ready.”
The region has since been in crisis as the youths of the region with the recent happenings including the military invasion in the Niger Delta has perceived the present administration as the enemy of the region.
According to an Evangelist Mawere a fisherman in Okerenkoko “if anyone falls sick we have to rush down to Warri. Most people can’t afford the 30,000 ($150, 130€) trip to the emergency room. You pay the speedboat or you lose the person. The suffering is too much”
Similarly, the Chief in the Gbaramatu Kingdom, Chief Godspower Gbenekama, said “the military invasion has made our primary schools shut down, our secondary schools shut down, this government has said this government has said the Gbaramatu Kingdom doesn’t have right to education. We are going through hell.

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