Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai

Leadership of the
Indeginous People of Biafra,
IPOB, has accused former
British prime minister, Mr.
Tony Blair, who visited
Nigeria recently, of trying to
instigate and ginger another
ethno-religious conflict that
could culminate into war.
According to IPOB
sppkesman, Emma Powerful,
in a statement made available
to the media, it was Britain
that masterminded the
Nigeria-Biafra civil war
and are at it again this time
The statement wondered
that Britain is a Chriatian
nation but seems to be
inclined to favouring the
north which is predominantly
Convinced that Britain is a
black leg in the struggle for the
actualisation of the sovereign
state of Biafra, Powerful
said, “We the Indigenous
People of Biafra, IPOB, and its
leadership worldwide under
the command and leadership
of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hereby
accuse the former prime
minister of Britain, Mr Tony
Blair, of trying to instigate
another round of ethnoreligious
violence against
Christians and Biafrans in
northern Nigeria.
“History taught us that
Arewa core north enamoured
themselves to British
rulers by twice rejecting
independence from Britain,
which resulted in two notable
massacres of Biafrans and
Christians in northern cities
in 1953 and 1957. We also
know that Britain has over
the years served as godfather
to the few feudal lords in the
north, which is why Britain
supported the rigging of
census figures in 1953 that
entrenched permanent
Hausa Fulani domination of
Nigerian politics.
“This same British
godfatherism towards the
Arewa core north was also
responsible for the military
and diplomatic support
that enabled Nigeria to win
the genocidal war against
Biafra. Britain, supposedly
a Christian country, for
reasons best known to them,
have persistently worked
against the interest of Biafra
and majority of Christians in
“What Tony Blair is doing
today is a well trodden path for
the British government. They
have come to officially give
their blessing to the impeding
massacre of Biafrans and
other Christian minorities in
the north. Simply put, Tony
Blair has come to instigate
another civil war in Nigeria
the same way he started the
one going on in Iraq today.
Arewa Consultative Forum
along with Northern Elders
Forum must know that 1967
is not 2017 because Britain
will not defend them when
the chips are down.
“The raw hatred and
persecution of Biafrans by
the British through Hausa
Fulani core North is simply
because of our enterprise and
strong belief in the Judeo-
Christian faith. We are
happy that in Nigeria today,
leaders from Middle Belt
especially are beginning to
realise the existential threat
from Hausa Fulani Islamic
fundamentalism to the
survival of Christianity and
Christians in Nigeria.
“The struggle for Biafra
independence which we are
proudly agitating for are often
misunderstood by the very
few vocal but inconsequential
social commentators and
failed Nigerian leaders who
are not educated enough
to distinguish between self
determination and secession.
For the avoidance of doubt
– Biafra freedom is not just a
living agitation but a fight
for the survival of oppressed
peoples in Nigeria against the
entrenched threats of radical
Islamic fundamentalism and
their political collaborators in
Nigeria and Britain.
“Christians from Adamawa,
Taraba, Nasarawa, Niger,
Plateau, Benue, Kogi
and Kaduna (specifically,
Southern Zaria) have been
under bondage for decades
now with nobody capable of
speaking up for them. The
survival and existence of the
indigenous peoples of these
states are under severe threat
of extinction. We are happy
the leaders of these areas are
now beginning to wake up to
the realisation that not only
Biafrans are in great danger
that they too are under threat
of annihilation.
“Therefore, it is very
understandable to all and
sundry that our leader Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB
family members worldwide
are not the problem of
Nigeria, instead what the
world is witnessing today
are the symptoms of a failed
state. It is very clear to all and
sundry that Nigeria has failed
as a state in its current form
and composition. The best
approach remains a peaceful
dissolution of the this great
British fraud. The issues at
stake are not about North
vs. East or West vs. South,
but about the survival of our
people, culture and religious
beliefs. It is about good
people versus evil people,”
the statement posited.