IPOB condemns killing of Christians in North, attacks by Fulani herdsmen, amalgamation of 1914
Biafra agitators

INDIGENOUS People of Biafra, IPOB has condemned the incessant killing of Christians in the northern Nigeria and the attack by Fulani herdsmen disguised as cattle rearers on people in every state in Nigeria. Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesman in a statement made available to the media, condemned the killing of Christians in the North as well as the amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914, which they believe is the bane of woes in Nigeria. According to the statement, not only that the amalgamation was evil, it was also the worst mistake that has happened in Africa. “The most despicable moral crime in world history was committed when Lord Lugard and his fellow British Thugs decided to join the Southern and Northern
protectorates together as one country. “The 1914 amalgamation remains one of the worst mistakes in world history. We pray for those responsible to rot in hell, except we are lying to ourselves, the biblical hell is too good a place for those soulless beasts. “Why should we co-exist with people who behead and slit other people’s throat in defense of a God who is supposedly omnipotent?,” the statement posits. The statement continues, “Why should we be in the same country with a president who place so much value on cow and none on human life? “Why the hell should we share the same country with some bunch of blood-thirsty 16th century brained- barbarians, who kill for the flimsiest of excuses such as the drawing of the cartoon of Muhammed in far away Denmark? “What in devil’s name are we are doing together with people who find nothing wrong in abducting and forcefully having sex with little girls as young as 7,8,9 years of age? “Isn’t very obvious…..too obvious, even…that we are not one, never have been one and never can be one? Is this even debatable? “You cannot mix oil and water together. You just can’t! “Bringing southerners and Northerners together to live as one country is as wicked as bringing a herbivorous animal and a carnivorous one together under one roof. The carnivore will always feed on the herbivore. An average Northern Muslim is like a carnivorous animal. His urge to kill at the slightest provocation is as irresistible as the vampire’s thirst for blood. And we are not exaggerating. Just use your smart phone and Google the history of killing of Southerners, (south east and south south, mostly) in the North.

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