president buhari
president buhari

Pro-Biafra group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has mocked the Presidency as well as the leadership of Department of State Service, DSS, over the emergence of a splinter group of IPOB called The Reformed Indigenous People of Biafra, TRIPOB.
A statement signed by IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, indicates that the reformed IPOB is a creation of the government to deceive the masses and give the impression that there is problem in their camp.
While taunting President Buhari and the DSS over the purported emergence of a reformed IPOB, the group posited that since they could not succeed in deceiving the people with a reformed Niger Delta Avengers, they will equally fail in deceiving the people that IPOB has been fractionalised.
“The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, worldwide under the leadership of the prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has laughed at the new emerged group called TRIPOB and the government of Nigeria and it’s security agencies on their moves to deceive the general public. It’s unfortunate that government cannot tell their citizens the simple truth.
“It is quite amusing, effort being made by the DSS to create the impression that their recent laughable creation called the Reformed IPOB is a faction of the great, indefatigable IPOB, is a confirmation that the two daura gentlemen, (one in Aso Rock Villa and the other at the DSS) have finally ran into a cul de sac.
“They have clearly run out of ideas. They are at their wits end, their stubborn refusal to let our people go has landed them in a tight corner, and their attempt to create a DSS-sponsored faction is a proof that they don’t know what else to do. We will not dignify their latest attempt with a response. We merely join citizens of the world as they laugh their hearts out. With this misadventure, the APC, FG and the security agents have even lost their would be convert…we Laugh.
“They failed in their attempt to use so called MEND and their own creation, Reformed Avengers to cause spilt in the Niger Delta Struggle. Resorting to the same idea here, simply confirms that they are confused, frustrated and defeated.
“We wonder what they will do next as this latest antics will surely pop like a ballon. At least they should have advised this TRIPOLI_LIBYA ORGANIZATION TO PRETEND TO BE FOR BIAFRA RESTORATION INSTEAD OF TELLING THEM TO PLEDGE LOYALTY FOR THE CONTRAPTION CALLED NIGERIA,”the organisation mocks.
“The power of truth has set the oppressors running helter shelter. As all pass leaders frantically troop to the Villa daily to deliver grave warnings privately, the oppressor defiantly refuses to do the needful. This last ditch effort to create a false impression of division amongst our ranks has already failed, like all other unintelligent antics before it.
“They could have at least used a recognisable name, to make it look real. Philip Effiong Osuji, the name they foolishly used, destroyed their intentions. Pity! Shame. Question: Chima Philip Efiong Osuji, only one person? From where? Who impregnated his mother between Osuji and Efiong or 50_ 50 and who is their leader where did he come from? Because Nnamdi Kanu come from Afra Ibeku Umuahia.
“We advise the DSS to do better, next time. Their very poorly scripted plots always expose the I.Q level of the people in charge there.
“We are unstoppable and divinely ordained. Horrific killings, like the Zamfara Polytechnic arson two days ago, confirm to the world that we do not belong together. The childish attempts to deceive the public, only confirms that the oppressor is confused,” the statements declares.

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