For the acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Usman and any other information manager of any arm of the military, Boko Haram, as far as they are concerned will be annihilated anytime soon.
For this reason, even if the terrorists are attacking now on the daily basis, as far as our military is concerned, Boko Haram is fighting its last battle and victory is sure for Nigeria.
Like Col. Usman would say, “the recent terrorists attacks in some parts of Maiduguri were signs that the insurgents were desperately fighting their last battle’, when he told some journalists recently that with the motivation and support the military enjoys at the moment, the December deadline of putting insurgency behind the country is realizable.
Hear him, “We have been talking to the press and we are saying there is no cause for alarm. If you noticed, the police commissioner has been talking to the press. The whole idea is to carry the people along. If for whatever reasons, one of the security agencies will at least talk so we can avoid contradicting ourselves. The whole idea is so we don’t create a lacuna or information that is not reliable.
“Well, if you are talking to me officially I will rather tell you that it is sign of desperation and end times. Agreed, we are losing human lives and properties and nobody is happy about that, but I can tell you that having lost the capacity to launch major attacks in towns and communities like they were doing before, they are now depressed and are fighting to survive. I can also assure you that a lot is being done by the security agents, including the people of the town, and civilians JTF. So definitely, it will not go beyond this, I can assure you. We are working towards that. We hope and pray to accomplish the task before then.
“Right now, I am out of Maiduguri but we have sources and officers that we have been in constant touch with 247, so if there are other developments, they will definitely let us know. But I can assure you that from my last check, Maiduguri is cool and calm because the recent bomb blasts were not inside Maiduguri city, they were at the outskirts.
“These people look out for vulnerable and soft targets to attack. We keep telling people to do more in terms of being security conscious and vigilant. You heard the story of the girl who was scavenging around before the bomb detonated. So people should be security conscious and be active. Everything brings challenges and with these challenges, there are renewed awareness and efforts to curtail the efforts of the Boko Haram terrorists. Initially if you recall, you hear cases of bomb blasts like three or four in different places left, right, centre, but now, it is being restricted to a particular area and we are working hard to curb that.
The Army spokesman has admitted that the Military is highly motivated in terms of welfare, equipment as well as provisions of arms and ammunition. “Every day we get that. I can rest assure you that they are in high fighting spirit that they are even anxious to be given tasks so that they can meet their targets and that must have informed also the level of progress we have recorded so far, especially within the last few months.
He also said the issue of the Chibok schoolgirls that were abducted sometimes back, say a year and some months, is a serious concern not only to the Nigerian people but to every right thinking human being on this earth. So we are conscious of our responsibilities to their parents and to Nigerians and of course to the International community on the rescue and safe return of these girls, and by the grace of God, we have that at the back of our minds. We are going to do so but it is not just about Chibok girls, there are quite a number of other people that are held captive by these terrorists. It is our hope and prayer that we can rescue them from the clutches of these terrorists and re-unite them with their families. We owe this responsibility to everybody and we are conscious of that fact.
The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai has consistently assured that the military is working hard to succeed in meeting up with the December deadline of defeating the Boko Haram insurgents in the North East in spite of the renewed bombings by suspected members of the Boko Haram sect.
General Buratai disclosed this when he met with officers of the One Division of the Nigerian Army in Kaduna State last Saturday, and that the meeting was meant for him to interact with the officers in the units and formations about their operational procedure.
Addressing the officers, Buratai charged them to be professionally responsive and show exemplary leadership to the soldiers, stressing the need for them to collaborate with other security agencies in the fight against the insurgents and other related crimes across the country, even as he charged the officers to maintain professionalism, vigilance and remain apolitical in the discharge of their duties.
The Army chief maintained that the role of the Nigerian Army would remain only to protect the sovereignty of the country and not to engage in any form of politics. The One Division of the Nigerian Army covers Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Jigawa, Zamfara and Sokoto States.
Recently too, Col. Usman claimed that troops of the 5 Brigade Nigerian Army have dislodge Boko Haram terrorists from border towns in borno
He said the formation was able to comprehensively destroy all Boko Haram camps and enclaves at the border towns of Kerenowa and Chikun Gudu as well as their contiguous villages in Borno State.
“During the operation which is ongoing, troops discovered and destroyed over 20 well fortified terrorist camps in the general area of Kerenowa. The camps include some at the gateway to Kerenowa, Gumada and Dogon Gida. In addition, the troops have also discovered that to evade aerial reconnaissance and bombardment, the terrorists have dug twin tunnels to conceal their facilities and routes in and out of the camp. Among facilities discovered were training areas equipped with instructional and training materials that include wooden guns, amongst others.
He said the troops also cleared Improvised Explosive Devices, IED along the road linking Marte, New Marte and Kerenowa, noting that it is apparent that the Boko Haram terrorists lacked the will to fight as they are in obvious disarray, abandoning their camps fleeing and leaving behind vehicles, solar panels used to power devices, food and other logistics, beddings, various IED making devices, cables and cords.
“The advancing troops’ morale remains very high and they exude confidence and zeal to destroy all known Boko Haram camps along their axis of advance. We still reiterate our call for citizens to remain confident in the ability of our troops to eliminate all remaining vestiges of the terrorists before the year runs out in line with presidential directives. Citizens are also requested to kindly provide useful and credible information to the military about any known terrorist or sympathisers.”

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