"Is that the father of your son?": Yvonne Jegede speaks on claims that actor Mawuli Gavor is the father of her son — Nigerian Pilot News
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“Is that the father of your son?”: Yvonne Jegede speaks on claims that actor Mawuli Gavor is the father of her son



Actress Yvonne Jegede has shared a picture showing the actor carrying the birthday with a caption wishing him a happy birthday, she then reacted to trolls who asked if actor Mawuli Gavor is the Father of her son Xavier. This was after she

Recall that the actor was present when Yvonne Jegede dedicated her son in church, while her husband rapper Abounce was absent due to the marital issues the couple are still battling with.

This and more are probably why Yvonne Jegede also thanked Mawuli Gavor whom she says has always been there for her.

She wrote:

“Every year I have more things to say about this gentleman here. Everyday I appreciate him more and more. This year I want to say thank you for always standing there when I look around for a friend to talk to. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for everything. Thank you for accepting to journey through life with X, I want to wish you all the blessings heaven has in stock for you and all the joy in the world. Happy birthday @mawuli_gavor , the most gentleman I have met ever. God bless you Chale.
X loves his uncle Mawi.”

Well, some fans were quick to put two and two together to arrive at questions which they asked the actress. See screenshots below to see how she reacted.

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