As Muslims all over the world celebrate the new Islamic year, Hijrah 1437, an Islamic Cleric, Professor Lakin Akintola has said that insurgents around the world are criminals and should be treated as such.
Delivering a lecture entitled ‘Islam resurgence and insurgency, any link?’, Professor Akintola maintained that the message of killing as being propagated by insurgents across the world is alien to the message of Islam.
The event which was held at the Ogun State Headquarters of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC was organised in commemoration of beginning of the Islamic new year.
The university lecturer who is the founder and national director of Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, maintained that fighting and killing are not solutions to injustice.
The Cleric who maintained that the message of killing and bombing my members by insurgent groups across the world are not messages of Islam explained that the curse of Allah is on extremism.
According to him, the position of Islam is to the effect that anyone who killed an innocent soul is like killing the entire human race.
Professor Akintola explained that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and their likes are not muslims but being sponsored by enemies of Islam.
He said, “when you look around, wherever there is injustice, you find that a group of people stand up resisting that injustice and whoever stands up to resist injustice is usually referred to as fundamentalist, as an enemy of state, as a rebellious, as an enemy of peace.
“Do you now fight injustice by bombing innocent people? That is where the terrorist and militants go wrong. The Qur’an instructed handing issues amicably, through discussion, through consultation and not by force or by bombing.
“Violence is not the answer to injustice, dialogues is the answer, you cry out, even if you match to protest, you can protest peacefully, you can come up with all peaceful means but not through killing, bombing. Islam gives life, Islam does not kill, Islam builds, it doesn’t destroy or demolish.
“Islam preaches against extremism, the prophet said the curse of all is on extremists and the people asked him ‘who are the extremists’? And he said they are those who hold extreme views about issues. We are balanced generation.
“ISIS, Boko Haram, who reportedly have been killing non Muslims and fellow Muslims should be treated like criminal they are, we reject their message. ISIS is deceiving the world. Soldiers who entered Boko Haram camp have reported they don’t even see a copy of Qur’an, what they see are condoms, sex drugs, etc., there was no sign of Qur’an, no sign of rosary.”
“We suspect very strongly that the enemies of Islam are also behind ISIS and they are behind Boko Haram. Many of the members of Boko Haram are not Muslims, many of the members of ISIS are not muslims.”