UPPER Chamber of the National Assembly, has been warned to desist from introducing a bill that would bring confusion among Nigerians. A renown Islamic Scholar, Sheik Dahiru Usman Bauchi gave the warning yesterday while speaking with newsmen in Bauchi where he cautioned Nigerian Senate over the controversial bill to give equal inheritance to Males and Females. He said that the attempt by the senate goes contrary to the teaching of Islam as regards the issue of inheritance between Male and Female which gave a higher percentage of share to a Male over his female counterpart. He said that the senate and all other people in authority should tread with caution when dealing with issues that will touch the religious aspect of it. Sheik Dahiru Bauchi particularly warned that any Muslim member of the senate who backs the attempt to change a divine law contained in the Qur’an is doing so at his own peril, as he is going against the teaching of his religion. He noted that the attempt to give same share of inheritance to male and female in Nigeria would serve as an infringement on the Islamic rights of Nigerian Muslims which was enshrined in the Qur’an, and no Muslim will accept it. “Since there is a law which guarantees the freedom of religion, our Islamic laws must not be tampered with. Giving a double female share to a male Heir in an inheritance was prescribed by Allah in ‎the Qur’an and no right thinking Muslim will go contrary,” he said. The Islamic scholar said that if the senate should attempt to temper with any religious law in Nigeria, they should first scrap the constitutional provision