The current crisis going on within the Islamic Musicians Association of Nigeria, ISMAN and it’s newly formed parallel body, PISMAN, the later’s president, Ahmad Alawiye has reacted to the allegation of theft, hooliganism and adultery leveled against him. According to the talented singer, all the allegations against him by the Wasiu Sodiq led ISMAN were lies. In his opinion, Ahmad believes the leadership of his former association was not comfortable losing him and others who have decided to float a parallel association and the recent allegations were part of efforts to crumble their new association, PISMAN.
The present National president of ISMAN, Alhaji Kayode As-sideeq had claimed while addressing the media that, Hahmad Alawiye and Ibrahim Labeka had committed atrocities which had robbed the association it’s moral values, “This organisation has lost some value and integrity in the society radar courtesy the atrocities being committed by some few individuals whereby people are now beginning to mirror the innocent ones among us with the same corrupt mindset.
This is the issue we are dealing with at the moment and Hamad is not the only victim of suspension. just two of them, Hamad Alawiye and Ibrahim Labaika. Two of them were the scapegoat and had since been suspended.”
New president of PISMAN Ahmad Alawiye in his defense, however claimed, those who accused him of those offences are guilty of same offences; “I can go on and mention situations that goes on in their homes. Alhaji Wasiu Sodiq impregnated a backup singer to his wife and latter married her. He has some female artistes he’s sleeping with and we know them. His first wife, Alhaja Hafsat Sideeq is not happy in his home. Damilola who is also talking about my own sexcapade is still a member of ISMAN till date. He married four wives and sent all four out of his matrimonial home. To say that he has concubine is an understatement. I am still married to my wife and has never had issues.”
As-sideeq accused Ahmada of singlehandedly selling a project titled, Winner for a marketer. the campaign project for Osun state governor, Aregbesola featured many ISMAN members according to him, but, in a twist, Ahmad says another female singer, Omotayebi and not him sold the job.
ISMAN was formed by late comparative lecturer, Alhaji Abdulateef Adebowale. Nasfat missioner, Alhaji Abdullahi Akinbode was pioneer president. After his reign, Alhaji Waheed Ariyo of the blessed memory took over as president before current president, As-sideeq Kayode.

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