STATE of Israel has again pledged full support to Nigeria in tackling the country’s current security challenges, particularly in the areas of homeland ( internal) security and cyber terrorism. Making this promise on behalf of his government was the new Ambassador of the State of Israel to Nigeria, Mr. Guy Feldman. Who spoke at the international Homeland and cyber security conference sensitization dinner organized by the Embassy in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Interior in Abuja at the weekend, commended Nigeria for the success so far recorded in the fight against insurgency and other crimes and restated the commitment of Israel to assist Nigeria get rid of terrorism and militancy as well as control cybercrimes. His words: “ Israel and Nigeria have a lot in common. We were both granted independence same period. Israel has been part of Nigeria from the 1960s. We are here all the time, just that we are a small country compared to Nigeria in terms
of population. As partners, we are ready to help Nigeria tackle her security challenges, develop her infrastructure , agriculture, water system and democratic institutions based on our experience, expertise and technology. The fact is that Nigeria is important to Israel just as Israel is the religious holy land for Nigerian Christians who yearly come for pilgrimage. So we believe we can collaborate in many areas of need.” Drawing from her country’ experience, he stressed the need for Nigeria to control what goes on in the Internet and other social platforms, adding that time had come when every country should regulate and monitor her digital space as the Internet offers both good and bad opportunities. He said it was possible with modern technologies for terrorists to hack into confidential government, security or military information and use such at the detriment of the country. “ When you look at Nigeria today, you are already big. When you look at your population, many of them are young and
vibrant . With technology they gain access to various vital information. Imagine your population in the next 20 years. With the kind of population you have, you can achieve many things if well harnessed. All you have to do is to reinvent yourself. But you have to solve the various security challenges including the Boko Haram in the north and militancy in the Niger Delta region. These you can do by coming up with a strategic security infrastructure to safeguard the nation’s critical assets and the people. In his remarks, the Honourable Minister of Interior, Lt. General Dambazau( Rtd) who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Brig- General Balance Saleh, said the event was meant to acquaint Nigerians especially those in the security circles with the importance of the upcoming conference in Tel Aviv Israel from November 14 to 17, and the need for their attendance and participation in view of the benefits Nigeria would gain in learning how t solve her internal security issues and cybercrimes.
The minister praised Israel for the initiative stressing that the twin issues of homeland security and cybercrimes are critical issues that should not be ignored by any country . “ Homeland and cyber security are sustained dangers that must not be allowed to degenerate “ Danbazzau said. Explaining the importance of the security conference, a Technology and Cyber Specialist and Commander with the Israeli International Defense Force, IDF, Mr. Avian Marco said the biennial international Homeland security and cyber conference is the 4th in the series and 2nd after the one held in the United States. He said it will combine a comprehensive exhibition of the most recent technological advancements and the latest developments with the presence of and insights by some of the leading international experts in the field and one- on-one meetings with high- level executives from the most reputable security firms in the world. “ since the dawn of civilization, leaders, governments, and enterprises have undertaken
to ensure the security of their citizens and business activities. The increasingly complex and fast – paced realities of our modern society and lifestyle are critically important factors of the constantly -evolving challenges we face in protecting the public and securing cyberspace, he said. “This multi- sector responsibility” he explained, concerns every aspect of our daily lives, from infrastructure, health and finance to communications, transportation and the business world. “Where physical and cyber security intersect, government decision- makers and corporate executives are therefore tasked with examining and implementing reactive, efficient and cost- effective solutions. And out of these decisions, new opportunities will hopefully emerge” Marco said. The event was attended by top Nigerian government officials, representatives of the service chiefs, inspector- General of Police as well as those of the military and paramilitary services.

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