State of Israel government has pledged her support to Nigeria in the fight against terrorism and other crimes in the country. Making this known was the Head of West African Affairs in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Shmuel Sivan while speaking to Nigerian Pilot at the ministry’s headquarters in Jerusalem yesterday.
The diplomat said Israel and Nigeria have vast potentials, as well as religious and cultural similarities and would want them fully harnessed , stressing that the menace of terror in Nigeria and west Africa is of serious concern to the Prime Minister Nathaniel Nethanyahu whom he said was determined to ensure that peace is restored in the north eastern part of Nigeria presently under Boko Haram insurgency.
He stated that following the visit of former president Goodluck Jonathan to Israel late last year, Israel deployed her intelligence and logistics to Nigeria for the rescue of the kidnapped Chibok Girls but regretted that the girls are still under captivity several months after they were kidnapped.
Sivan likened the current insurgency in Nigeria to what Israel is experiencing in the Gaza Strip with Hamas whom he said have links with Hezebollah, ISIS and A’lquada and urged all peace loving nations to join forces together to restore peace in the world.
Said he, “ Nigeria enjoys good diplomatic relations with our country Israel, we are however worried by the growing insurgency in Nigeria and other African countries. Security challenges are matters of common interest to us and we are ready to assist particularly Nigeria using our experience to overcome her present situation.
“This is because Nigeria is of very important interest to us. Both countries have business, economic, cultural and religious ties which must be sustained, and our government is ready to support Nigeria and indeed Africa.
“For us in Israel, what Nigeria is facing is similar to what we are experiencing at the Gaza region with Hamas supported by other terrorist groups including Hezebollah and ISIS. Their purpose is to wipe out Israel from the surface of the earth but we will not allow that. We also know the UN will not allow such.”
Contributing, the ministry’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Nahson, said Israel does not want war but peace and pleaded with the Palestinian authority and Mahmoud Abbas to let peace reign in the region.
“What we have seen in Israel is a private initiative mostly of young Palestinians using dangerous weapons such as knives to kill Israelis so as to stir up violence. But such violence must be stopped for peace to reign. We call on Mahmoud Abbas to support Prime Minister Netanyahu to end violence by creating a win-win situation for all parties.
“You don’t need big weapons like gun to kill someone. A knife can kill and when that happens, violence erupts. We have seen Palestinians throw stone at UN vehicles and injuring people in the process including a UN official. This is violence for the sake of violence and must be stopped. We need peace; even Palestinians also need peace and this can be achieved through dialogue not violence’ he said.

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